Music : Sarukhanyan/Marshall/Bisset/Kallin – The Artist is Present 0.2 Musical Response. Friday 13th January 19:30

Milana Sarukhanyan – voice, John Bisset – lapsteel, Ivor Kallin – viola & voice, Hannah Marshal – ‘cello

Door 7.30 | music 8pm | entry £8 cash
Advance tickets : eventbrite

‘The Artist is Present 0.2: Musical Response‘ is a continuation of Marina Abramović‘s extended performance which was held in MoMA (2021) for three months. She believed that stretching the lengths of a performance beyond expectations serves to alter our perception of time and foster a deeper engagement in the experience. Seated silently at a table across from an empty chair, she waited as people took turns sitting in the chair and locked eyes with her.

The musicians will explore the possibilities of a musical response, through free improvisation within a face-to-face, eyes-to-eyes setting; playing in different duos, evolving into a quartet.

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