Music : Shuoxin Tan / soft tissue / Jia Liu / Andreae/Salter/Song. Wednesday 1st March 19:30

Shuoxin Tan
Shuoxin Tan, born in Beijing, now living and working as a freelance composer and sound artist in Cologne. Since April 2020 she studies Epistemic Media at Institute for Music and Media Düsseldorf with Prof. Julian Rohrhuber and Marcus Schmickler. Her research currently focuses on algorithmic acoustics, mathematical formalization and Lacanian topology.

soft tissue
soft tissue is the collaboration between Glasgow/Stockholm-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins. Working with DIY electronics, domestic recordings and digital feedback, the duo develops material through a continued process of re-sampling and digital transformation.

Following on from last-years ‘hi leaves’ released on Students of Decay (2022) and their self-titled debut on Penultimate Press (2019), the duo published their third release with Glasgow-based tape label GLARC in February 2023 from which they will present material during this tour.

Jia Liu
Jia Liu is a composer and computer music performer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. She studied composition and music informatics at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the University of Music Karlsruhe. She composes for acoustic instruments as well as electroacoustic music, computer music and multimedia works.

Since 2020 she is live coding with SuperCollider. In 2021, together with Li Song and Shuoxin Tan, she founded the network ensemble [ _ _ _ ]. Currently, she is focusing on algorithmic music and its possibilities for network collaboration, as well as composition for autonomous systems.

Sam Andreae has been active across Europe over the last decade as a saxophonist, composer and organiser. Through improvisation and composition he explores a music of colliding sound gestures and aural detritus, built up from an intentionally fractured instrumental language and playful spontaneity. His compositions place a focus on gestural processes which in their unraveling reveal a trail of sound artefacts to be picked through.

“what Sam Andreae does is liminal music, he shows you the clicks, the noises, the breaths, the rattle and hum” – John Doran, Quietus, 2017 on BBC 3 Late Junction

Malvern Brume is Rory Salter, a musician and sound artist living in London, Born in Banbury. Malvern Brume has released albums with Alter, TakuRoku, Infant Tree and Kashual Plastik. The music is formed through experimentations with electronic instruments, field recordings, amplified objects and voice; motivated by a relationship to changing and chaotic environments, objects and scores made from walking.

Li Song is a London-based musician and computer programmer. He performs improvised music with his computer and composes music using electronics and acoustic instruments. Recent works include Two Snare Drums (Infant Tree 2022), [ _ _ _ ] (with Jia Liu and Shuoxin Tan, SUPERPANG 2022) and Text (with Zhu Wenbo, Zoomin’ Night 2021).

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