Music : Solos for _ _ _ _ Spaces: Regan Bowering, Conal Blake, Li Song, & Sam Andreae. Friday 24th November 19:30

Solos for _ _ _ _ Spaces is Regan Bowering’s first ever solo release. The tape documents the development of her practice improvising with amplifier feedback and percussion. It includes four tracks – two live performance recordings (at Goldsmiths University & Avalon Cafe), one studio recording, and one Ableton composition created using chopped up materials from the previous three tracks. It moves from expansive, reverberant spaces through the studio, to the much denser, micro-sonic/ rhythmic qualities of a DAW. This sense of a journey through diverse spaces, technologies and sonic qualities is reflected in the line-up for this event. Regan will be joined by friends and collaborators (Conal Blake, Li Song, and Sam Andreae) for three solo performances (and one pre-recorded solo piece).

Regan Bowering (solo percussion/ feedback set)
Regan Bowering is a percussionist, improviser and sound artist based in London. Her solo work explores various combinations of objects and materials, drums and percussion, amps, speakers, and feedback. Collaborative projects include BLAKE/ SONG/ BOWERING, a trio with Li Song and Conal Blake who experiment with site-specific performance/ improvisations using snare drums, speakers, and found materials. Their tape “Music for Snare Drums and Portable Speakers” was released on Infant Tree in May 2023. She’s currently doing a practice-based PhD in Music at Goldsmiths, Uni of London. Solos for _ _ _ _ Spaces is her first solo release, out on Bezirk Tapes, November 2023.


Conal Blake (solo, no input set)
Conal Blake is a musician from Glasgow. He currently plays solo and improvises in duo and trio formation with Li Song and Regan Bowering, using electronics and percussion. He also runs the Feedback Moves label.

Li Song (solo, laptop set)
Li Song is a musician and computer programmer based in London.  In his recent performances and recordings, he often uses a laptop with built-in speakers, suspended speakers, snare drums, metronome and paper tapes. His first solo album, Two Snare Drums, was released on double 3-inch mini CD by the UK label Infant Tree in 2022. His collaborations have appeared on labels such as Zoomin’ Night, SUPERPANG, Ftarri and presses précaires.

Sam Andreae (solo, composition/ pre-recorded set tbc)
Sam Andreae has been active across Europe over the last decade as a saxophonist, composer and organiser. Through improvisation and composition he explores a music of colliding sound gestures and aural detritus, built up from an intentionally fractured instrumental language and playful spontaneity. His compositions place a focus on gestural processes which in their unraveling reveal a trail of sound artefacts to be picked through.

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