Music : Sylvia Hallett / Pat Moonchy / Lucky Liguori / Paul Jolly / Terry Day. Sunday 19th March 15:30

Sylvia Hallett – violin and electronics
Pat Moonchy
– vocals and modular synthesizer
Lucky Liguori – guitar and gongs
Paul Jolly – bass clarinet and saxophone
Terry Day – percussion

Doors 3:30 | music 4pm | entry £8 (£5) cash only

Sylvia Hallett: studied music at Dartington, and then spent two years studying composition with Max Deutsch in Paris. She now works as both composer and improviser. She has played in many international festivals since the late 1970s, having worked with several well-known and respected musicians, including David Toop, Alasdair Roberts, Evan Parker, Anna Homler, the late Lol Coxhill, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton. Groups include Accordions Go Crazy, LaXula, British Summer Time Ends, Arc,The London Improvisers Orchestra, The London Hardingfelelag and The Heliocentrics. She also performs solo, (eg. in Vigne Museum, Rosazzo, Italy 2015), and in duo with Chris Dowding (Sylvia & I).

Projects with various theatre and dance companies include collaborations with the dancer/choreographers h2dance (Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard), Miranda Tufnell, Emilyn Claid, Jacky Lansley, Lost Dog, and Eva Karczag, the live art puppeteer Nenagh Watson, and Suffolk-based Wonderful Beast. She has performed and musically directed the music of Adrian Lee in world tours with the Young Vic’s highly acclaimed “Grimm Tales”, and The Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of “Comedy of Errors” , “Tales from Ovid” and “Canterbury Tales”.
Sylvia has released three solo CDs, two on the MASH label, which contain songs, improvisations, and tape collage pieces derived from her compositions for theatre and dance. Her 3rd solo release, White Fog on the EMANEM label features the bowed bicycle wheel, and her recent album Tree Time, featuring bowed branches and vines is available on Bandcamp, as is her album Telescope. She has also recorded numerous albums with groups and duos.
Commissions for 22 BBC Radio Dramas include Tess of the D’Urbevilles, Kings, Virginia Woolf’s Kew Gardens, and more recently Thousand Cranes.

Pat Moonchy vocalist/musician/producer and ancient Latin singer songwriter with significant vocal range whose works are well worth exploring for any listener seriously interested in experimental music as well as underground music, sound art, as a part of her sound research also realised by Modular Station. During her artistic career she released forty Albums.

She started as singer/bassist in the early nineties with the “alternative” power trio “Stato d’Animo” publishing an Ep cassette at renowned Studios Jungle Sound in Milan.

In 1994 she opened The Moonshine Pub, an alternative-arts venue which ran until 2015. There she helped search and establish visuality for underground creativity: Moonchy’s interest in art is an integral part of her persona and a necessary corollary of her commitment to unconventional music / culture promotion.Operating as DJ resident mixing with a style of her own 60- 70 psych, UK IDM, and kraut-rock becoming a kind of lighthouse for the enthusiastic listener. Moonchy has been performing solo live sets with electronic equipment, some designed or modified at her request.It’s an unconventional analog synthesis, though oscillators are present the sound generation is not linear and a great deal of it is created by sensitive manipulation of the controls. Sound art, always articulated with an intuitive, organic approach, has become a major area of her development: learning the Theremin technique from Barbara Buchholz playing the Persephone (a ribbon controlled synthesiser) were the first steps, followed by the inclusion in her array of electroacoustic devices.

In 2000 formed the avant improv quintet Gopala with Angelo Avogadri, Marco Fontana, Fabio F. Gallarati and Andrea Dicò. In this year she learnt computer music and sample production producing several IDM unpublished compositions through fields recording with a portable dat recorder.

In 2010 joined in the Doubleganger with the jazzist pioneer Pasquale Liguori on drums publishing six CDs and one more as a duo by the Italian label Setola di Maiale with Amaury Cambuzat (Faust) as musician, producer guest and in Doubleganger line up at the Schiphorst Avantgarde Festival in Germany.

She is part of the creative ensemble Tai No-Orchestra who has acted at several prestigious Art Galleries as Fondazione Stelline, Fondazione Mudima and at the Museum of Culture Mudec in MIlan. At the Moonshine she hosted and organised two editions of the Tai No-Orchestra Festivals.

In 2015 founded the current project Sothiac which has been finalist for the Festival Musica Diversa Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos, in Cento, IT. Then moved in Berlin scored the release of two albums (Sothis and Erebia Christi) touring EU, Japan with 16 gigs and across China by train from north to Hong Kong, including a performance in the Manchurian capital Harbin, the first exhibition there of an European act!

Moonchy is exploring new trajectories in her intertwined use of voice as instrument, successfully integrating noisicianism into her language acquired by shamans in the Republic of Tuva in south Siberia and learnt directly by Maestro Trân Quang Hai who was a vocal coach of Demetrio Stratos.

The solo efforts and collaborations of Pat Moonchy are rising in number, eclecticism and importance among them, a consolidated association with U.S. musician/producer Todd Tobias as Moonchy & Tobias duo releasing six Albums.

In 2018 joined the Carlos Ugueto Ensemble, a cultural project turned to make known claves rhythmics from Uruguay “candombe” and “salsa” from Venezuela mixed with improv-free jazz.

In 2019 open the vernissage of the Italian painter Claudio Papola showing with her duo project Sothiac on the roof garden of the CAMeC, the Art Modern Contemporary Center in La Spezia.

In 2020 the musician and Jazz producer Paul Jolly joined the band publishing ‘Superluna’ and ‘Tiamat’ ep and releasing two new Ep’s during the Covid lockdown and two albums coming out on vinyl printed at the Abbey Road Studios distributed by 33 Jazz Records.  In August 2021 the Biennale Austria projected the ‘SUPERLUNA” video during the Biennale of Venice. Most recently she joined with the multi-instrumentalist Terry Day and in the Sothiac Group with Angelo Contini, Lucio Liguori, Angelo Avogadri, Ferdinando Faraó blending each other’s different backgrounds making one.

“The music of Pat Moonchy is what is beyond Alice’s door, a sonic world where avant-garde and underground are amalgamated and a sense of surprise and mushrooms everywhere the ears stretch out”.

Further live collaborations:
Archetype, Alfa Neu, Amaury Cambuzat, Adrian Northover, Alessandra Novaga, Andrea Bolzoni, Andrea Cazzani, Andrea Dicò, Andrea Tabacco, Andrea Viti, Angelo Brezza, Antonino Siringo, Antonio Alferi, Artchipel Orchestra, Arottenbit, Bruno Romani, Carlos Ugueto, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Claudio Lodati, Claudio Lugo, Chaos Physique, Cristiano Calcagnile, Christoph Petermann, Damiano Casanova, Daniele Onori, Davide Garbato, Davide Romagnoli, Diego De Marco, Diego Vinciarelli, Dirk Dhonau, Dodo Nkishi, Eugenio Sanna, Fabio F. Gallarati, Fabio Sacconi, Fanciulli Goom, Faust, Filippo Monico, Flavio Scutti, Frank Gratkowski, Fra 11, Francesco Manfrè, Francesco Zago, Gak Sato, Geoff Leigh, Giancarlo Oggionni, Gianni Mimmo, Giulio Martino, Gory Joe, Graziano Palamara, Grenouille, Guido Mazzon, Guy-­Frank Pellerin, Ilario Bianco, Jacopo Serafin, Jean-Hervé Perón, Jean ­Michel Van Schouwburg, Jacques Berchten, João Pedro Viegas, John Russell, Johnny Larsen, Julian Sparacino, Kenobit, Kei Yoshida, La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio, Lars Nicolaysen, Leo Colalillo, Luca Andriola, Luca D’Angelo, Luca Pissavini, Luca Valisi, Mandali, Mani Neumeier, Marcel Sauco, Marcello Bellina, Marcello Busato, Marcello Magliocchi, Marco Fontana, Marco Mantovani, Marco Malasomma, Maresuke Okamoto, Mario Arcari, Massimo Falascone, Martin Mayes, Matteo Pennese, Masaharu Showji, Matteo Pescetti, Matthias Boss, Mattia Costa, Miky Bengala, Morihide Sawada, Naoto Yamaghishi, Nicola Guazzaloca, Ove Velasquez, Paolo Botti, Paolo Falascone, Pasquale Ricucci, Pepè Le Ginestre, Pierre Bizot, Ralf Peter, Riccardo Luppi, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Roberto Aglieri, Roberto Del Piano, Roberto Masotti, Roberto Caputo, Roberto Sambusida, Robin Neko, Romeo Velluto, Sanatana, Sascha Stadlmeier, Sebiano Failla, Scum from the Sun, Shizuku Aosaki, Silvia Bolognesi, Stefano Bartolini, Stefano Basurto, Stefano Milani, Stefano Giust, Takkiduda, Tato Vastola, Tatsumi Ryusui, Teddy Costa, Tony Light, Tommy Massara, Tristan Honsinger, Utku Tavil, Uwe Sebastien, Valerio Cipollone, Vontrapp, Walter Prati, Willy Van Buggenhout, Xabier Iriondo, Yugen, Yuryi Zhvanetskyy, Yuval Avital and more and more…

Videomaker collaborations: Angelo Magni, Carlo Prevosti, Fabio Bortot, Fabio Volpi, Lino Budano, Alice Murace, Michele Bernardi, Pedda Borowski
Performing/painting/reading collaborations:
Angelo Loconte, Anna Ramunni, Arianna Tinulla, Claudio Papola, Claudio Sinatti, Diamanda Galas,                      Emanuela Brumana, Elisa Brigida, Fanuccio, Francesco Trabattoni, Gianluca Lo Presti, Ignazio Maria Gallino, Fabi Pan Sofia, J.F Rocking Yaset, Jo Jonny, Lakme, Lucia Caputo, Luigi Cannillo, Martino Pittore, Mariapia Quintavalla, Mariella Liguori, Piermarco Mariani, Rita Vargiu, Sylvia Alfei, Le Teste di Mary, Tiziana Cera Rosco, Vito Ventura.

Paul Jolly: was born in 1946. After meeting the pianist and composer Mel Davis, a teacher at his school in 1962,  Paul seriously began to explore jazz and improvised music.  In 1969 he joined the People Band, an improvising group formed by Davis and the percussionist Terry Day.  This association still lasts and it has impacted on all of his approach to creativity.

Paul has performed in a wide variety of music projects – including two years as Musical Director for the Intriplicate Mime Company,  a member of the People Band and People Show, major European tours with the People Band, Big Chico, Mummy and Loverly – an improvising group featuring the singer Maggie Nicols.  He also worked with many progressive rock groups including the cult 70’s band Sweet Slag, that opened for groups such as Black Sabbath and toured the UK as a support band for Eddie Grant and the Equals as well as appearing at iconic venues like the 100 Club and the Marquee.

Alongside his performing roles he, in 1989, took on executive & artistic production for ’33 Jazz Records and has released over 350 albums of contemporary jazz & related music and is one of the leading independent jazz labels in Europe.

His on-going work as a musician, composer and educator, includes appearing in, and composing for, the award winning Mike Figgis film ‘Stormy Monday’, with Sting, Tommy Lee Jones & Melanie Griffiths.   Recent appearances Include: major performances at Kings Place, the Vortex, Café Oto, Shunt Lounge and at Exploratorium in Berlin with the People Band.  In September 2011 the People Band were featured for four days – as part of the Deloitte ‘Tell The Truth’ Festival at the Royal Opera House which included performances alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra and flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena.  He also works with the Monk influenced band ‘SNC’, his own quartet

‘PJQ’ and experimental band ‘House of Five’.Latest projects include work with the poet Paula Rae Gibson, a duo with pianist Mike Adcock, a duo with percussionist Steve Seal and with Ben Higham’s  ensemble ‘The Brass Monkeys’.  Current work is with the contemporary group Sothiac, with whom he co-produced the critically acclaimed album  ‘Superluna’ alongside Lucky Liguori and Pat Moonchy. His love of work with dancers is continued with occasional performances with the award winning contemporary dance group “House of Absolute”, where he first met and performed with cellist Simon McCorry, and with the UK based German dancer Petra Haller.

Albums with: ‘People Band’ x 3  “Sweet Slag”,  “Sky Juice”, “The Lemon Pop Band”,  “Click Click”,  “Loverly” x 2,  “Stormy Monday” – sound-track album with the Krakow Jazz Ensemble, “Community”, duo albums with the pianist Mike Adcock and with vocalist/poet Paula Rae Gibson,  an album with the Italian based experimental group Sothiac + various recordings as a session musician on many rock & jazz albums.

Lucio Liguori: aka “Lucky” is a guitarist composer, specialized in the research of experimental sound, introduced to music by hereditary propensity as a child of art.

His first band was post rock band “Shining” in ‘91 with the american singer Eric Martini, Tito Salmoiraghi on bass and Loris Pacaccio on drums then formed the power trio “Stato D’Animo” with the vocalist Pat Moonchy on bass and Luca D’Angelo on drums releasing in ‘97 a tape Ep at the Jungle Sound Studios in Milan. From ‘94 He organized alternative events/concerts for the Moonshine pub in Milan which he managed with Moonchy for twenty years contributing and spreading the voices of the underground collaborates with numerous international musicians from different backgrounds.

In 2000 learnt computer music and sample production producing several IDM still unpublished compositions.

In 2010 he formed the avantgarde band Doubleganger with his grandfather Pasquale Liguori on drum, the singer Pat Moonchy and Angelo Avogadri on flute and bass – publishing 4 cds demo and three Albums recorded through Italy and Germany where they performed with Amaury Cambuzat at the Schiphorst Avant-garde Festival Hamburg, recording their last album “Amarillo” published by the Italian label Setola di Maiale. In 2015 he moved to Berlin where he formed the project Sothiac with the singer/musician Pat Moonchy playing around the world going in Japan and on route through the whole China. In early 2017 joined the Carlos Ugueto Ensemble, a cultural project turned to make known claves from Uruguay candombe and salsa from Venezuela through the improv-free jazz.

In summer of 2017 moved to London starting a new collaboration with the producer and sax and bass clarinettist Paul Jolly releasing two new Ep’s during the Lockdown and two albums coming out on vinyl printed at the Abbey Road Studios by the 33 Jazz Records.  In August 2021 Biennale Austria projected the ‘SUPERLUNA’ video during the Biennale of Venice. Lastly multi-instrumentalist Terry Day “the first generation pioneer of improvisation” joined in the band and in the summer of 2022 formed the Sothiac Group with Pat Moonchy, Angelo Contini, Angelo Avogadri and Ferdinando Faraò.

He is also active as a sound mix/mastering sound editing engineer.

Terry Day: Multi-instrumentalist, Improvisation Pioneer, Song Writer, Tune-Smith, Lyricist, Poet, Painter, Conductor even.I began Improvising on the drums in a drum duet with my brother Pat in 1955, and in 1960 formed an improvising trio of Piano, bass & drums.  Russell Hardy (piano) later became Music composer in Ian Dury’s Kilburn & the Highroads.I am an early 60’s First Generation Pioneer of Improvisation, Free Jazz & experimental music. Since the 1960s I have collaborated with many improvising musical Luminaries, Groups, dancers, painters, poets, Artists from around the world, & performed / acted in Alternative Theatre, Events, Rock & Roll, and Nigerian High Life band. …….most of which went unrecorded, or remain “bad” recordings unreleased in my own & private Archives.I once played many instruments (piano, cello, mandolin, alto & soprano sax), but ill health prevented me from playing for 13 years (1987-2000). Depending on who I am working with, I now play Bamboo Reed Flutes, Drums, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons & Improvise with my Lyrics, Prose, Verse ( which many call poems – but for me They Are Lyrics ).Since 2000 I have performed regularly with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO) playing Bamboo Reed Flutes, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons, Drums, & Simultaneously Conducting & Reciting Lyrics, prose, verse with the LIO.  I have also performed Recitation Conductions with the Malaga, Tokyo, & Madrid Improvising Orchestras. My recitations also include collaborations with groups & individuals which can be viewed on my website.Since 2000 I have continued to collaborate with the New Luminaries of improvisation from around the world, & old Veterans such as the People Band. I toured Japan in 2012 working solely with Japanese improvising musical Luminaries, dancers & the calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi. I toured Brazil in 2013 giving workshops, performing solo & with Brazilian musicians. I have appeared regularly on Malaga annual music festivals. My work & collaborations can be viewed on:

Biography partially lists musicians & groups I have collaborated with & Co-Founded since the 60’s, inclusive of (in part chronological) the following:

1960:  Hardy Holman Day Trio (guest-Henry Lowther). 1965: Continuous Music Ensemble, People Band, Mike Figgis, Mel Davis, Paul Jolly. People Show. Late 60s: OMU – Davey Payne, Charlie Hart. Abstract Theatre Band + Barre Philips, Jamie Muir, Michel Portal. Nisar Ahmed Kahn Trio – George Kahn.  Derek Bailey Quartet with Johny Dyani & Christine Jeffries, Duo with Derek Bailey, Company. Amazing Band. Marcio Mattos, Mal Dean. Early 70s/70s: Free Space – John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Ron Herman, Four Pullovers, Alterations, K’Ploeng, Maarten Altena, Maurice Horsthuis, Annette Peacock, The Domestics – duo with Maggie Nichols. Dudu Pukwana Band, Pete Lemer groups, Paul Rogers, Peter Kowald, Harry Miller, David Toop, Steve Beresford. Duo with Nigel Combes, Clive Bell, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, Pete Cusack, Gus Johanson, Misha Mengelberg, Willi Kellers, Sven Ake Johanson, Luc Houtkamp, Michel Weisivitz,  Fred van Hove,, Paul Burwell, Max Eastley, Raymond Bonni, Lol Coxhill, Pat Thomas, Ute Kanngiesser, Hannah Marshall, John Russell, Javier Carmona, Ricardo Tejero, Phil Minton, Rhodri Davies. Charlotte Hug, Radu Malfahti, Roger Turner, Alan Tomlinson, Guillaume Viltard, Olie Brice, Roland Ramanan, Tryptich, Adam Bohman, Sylvie Hallett,  Miya, Sabu Toyozumi, Hisaharu Teruuchi, Sohei Saito, Yasuhiro Usui, Yusei Kaneko, Maresuke Okamoto, Thomas Rhorer, Marcos Fernandes, Chihaya Matsumoto, Hideo Ikegama, Tasos Stamou, Hideaki Takahashi, Yuuta Yokoyama, Brian Godding, Ted Milton, Tristan Honsinger, Junji Mori, Jun Kawasaki, Tony Marsh, John Edwards , Tony Hymas, Elliot Sharp, Dominic Lash, Chefa Alonso, John Tchicai,   Grand Amour: Jean Francois Pauvros, Ted Milton, Arto Lindsey,  Satoko Fukuda, David Leahy, Benedict Taylor, Larry Stabbins, Dave Tucker, PJ COLE, MUMMY Band, Lovely Band, Blanca Regina amongst others. Apologies for those not included.

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