Music : The Onion Boys: Steven J. Fowler & Benedict Taylor / Blanca Regina & Reuben Sutherland. Sunday 9th October 15:30

The Onion Boys: Steven J. Fowler & Benedict Taylor
Blanca Regina & Reuben Sutherland
Ongoing Book Launch: MUEUM by S.J. Fowler (Tenement Press)

Doors 3pm | performances from 4pm | entry £8 cash

The Onion Boys‘their creative juices will make your eyes water’ (Anon 2022)

The Onion Boys are Steven Fowler and Benedict Taylor. They’ve worked together and crossed paths through sound art, poetry, music, film & improvisation circles, and through chatting and larking about, for many years, albeit with some large gaps amongst these meetings.

Whenever they would meet, they would delve deep – moving a step towards the core of their shared creative thoughts and ideas; peeling the layers of an onion if you will. In a similar sense, following these various creative encounters, they were left with lingering and increasingly strong and developing flavours of what the other was up to and where they wanted their collaboration to go; as with the glorious flavours and fragrances of all types of Allium, whether it be garlic, leeks, chives, scallions, good old common onions and so on.

Steven and Benedict are thrilled to bring these essences to the public sphere now, with the first performance of The Onion Boys.

Blanca Regina is an interdisciplinary artist, tutor and independent curator based in London who works with spontaneous composition systems using voice, objects, electronics and visuals. She creates films, music, videomapping, design projects and book arts.

With free improviser Steve Beresford and filmmaker Pierre Bouvier Patron, she established Unpredictable Series, focused on explorations in music and visual arts. She has produced three albums with Beresford, mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt in London, ‘What Blue’ (2020), Duets with Steve Beresford; ‘Duets with Blanca Regina, Spontaneous Music’ featuring duets with Leafcutter John, Jack Goldstein, John Butcher, Benedict Taylor, Matthias Kispert, Aneek Thapar, Steve Beresford, Sharon Gal, and Hyelim Kim and and ‘Art of Improvisers’ a compilation (2017). Other collaborations include performances with Leafcutter John, Terry Day, Art Terry, Peter Cusack, Wade Matthews, Matt Black, Sharon Gal, Reuben Sutherland, Mandhira de Saram and David Toop.

She has been leading audio-visual performance art and projection mapping workshops plus curated events internationally. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England, Sound & Music, BMC, Amexcid, Photo-España and Garage Cube with presentations in the UK at Cafe Oto, Turner Contemporary, Barbican, Tate Modern, The Ceramic House and Centrala.

Reuben Sutherland is an artist and musician mostly known for being the visual counterpart of the duo Sculpture, with Dan Hayhurst developing the technique of the picture discs, creating animations in real time, playing with BMP, shutter speed, designs and lights.

As a musician, he plays with Fear of Fluffing, developing DIY instruments and combining electronics and Instruments. He plays the guitar with Hotdoggrrrl and the Sesame Buns. In addition, he has contributed to performances and soundtracks with other collaborations, including artists of all disciplines.

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