Music : Confront Recordings present The Seen. Saturday 11th December 19:30

The Seen

Jennifer Allum : violin
Robin Beparry
: amplified kitchenware
Phil Durrant : amplified objects
Isidora Edwards : cello, modified copicat
Graham MacKeachan : double bass
Rie Nakajima : objects, self built instruments
Bill Thompson : live electronics
David Toop : bone conduction, resonators, tapes, flutes, percussion
Mark Wastell : horizontal cello, implements, contact mics, percussion

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £10 or £5

Mark Wastell’s long-standing metamorphic group The Seen makes a very welcome return to the gallery.

“It is the changeable aspect of the group that attracts its members. In varying the framework of ensemble size, mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and various pairings and contrasts of instruments and musicians, Wastell sets up active playing environments that both challenge the members to consider how to engage, while encouraging them to bear in mind the overall group sound. He acts more as instigator than leader, providing the simplest of instructions such as a sub-grouping to begin the piece or what order musicians are to enter and places full trust in the ensemble from there.” (Michael Rosenstein)

The Seen’s last visit to the gallery can be found here

In-depth article on The Seen here

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