Music : The Unreliable Witnesses. Saturday 13th April 19:30

Lee McFadden reports:

Walking home after an enjoyable night at the Hundred Years Gallery a guy asked me for change on the corner of Pearson Street. As I approached him it turned out he wasn’t really asking me to give him anything – he was donating a message to me. His eyes penetrated like unruly kaleidoscopes and gave me a dull headache. On the bus home the headache transmorphed into words – and it was this message from my old adversary Grant Bale…..

The Unreliable Witnesses celebrate their 10th anniversary at the Hundred Years Gallery on April 13th. Forever unreliable – their show on April 4th 2014 at the Tottenham Chances (RIP) was supposed to be a one-off – now they have outlasted the venue and outstayed The Beatles.

“The gathering (not a group, trio or band) consists of Miss de Meaner, Barry Stir, and myself, Grant Bale. We are a covers band – one where I read the lyrics of well known songs and my two esteemed colleagues improvise. We never play the same song twice – even if a song is played in soundcheck it will not make it to the main set. I never inform my partners in crime of the lyrics I will be reading before the performance. If they start to recognise the “song” they must not play the tune normally associated with the words that I am reading.

“Many people have claimed a similarity with those ghastly charlatans Marina Young, Cos Chapman and Lee McFadden. All those who have done so are facing costly legal trials. I admit to using Lee McFadden as a conduit for my information regarding The Unreliable Witnesses – that is because I find him easy to manipulate.

“There may be guest performers – there may be not. There should be support acts – they will be announced either in the next few days or on the night itself – depending on if Miss de Meaner is approved day release from her high-security “abode”.

“Pics attached were taken by Jeff Lindsey – a lovely lad.

Love Grant xoxoxo”

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | entry £10 cash

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