Music : Tread Into Mulch : Ivy Nostrum | Oishi | Spencer | Shit Creek. Friday 16th June 19:30

The relentless advance of the Tread Into Mulch New Weird Music series continues with Ivy Nostrum, Spencer, Shit Creek & the bonkers sound of Oishi

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £8 cash door

Ivy Nostrum is Paul Margree (We Need No Swords), producing uneasy states of listening verging from deep, haunting drones to the delicate and nuanced exploration of daily minutiae.

Oishi are a hardware/ software electronic improvisation duo by Ren Shang and Zheng Hao from China, using samples from their own materials, field recordings, lives, etc. Set up includes mixers, laptops, cassette players. Slightly different or very different every time.


Full info here eventually …. or maybe

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