Music : Workings… Eggblood / N|O|E|W|A / Tony Hardie-Bick & Chris Hill / Blanc Sceol. Sunday 12th November 15:30

Four different approaches to the creation of sonic landscapes each with their own aesthetic and intellectual histories: a glimpse of something not quite here or there…

Eggblood (UK)
Eggblood (UK) works with found A/V media, collage, flexible and flammable disc medium, nostalgia, faith, ignorance, and satire. Pushing and pulling at the the arse end of the edit.
Knackered and nobbly knees, @ and under the end of the pier. Submerged, sampled, and squeezed into a machine bummed requiem…
Some Past/recent works/broadcast:
Radiophrenia (Glasgow), XMTR (LDN), Duuu Radio (Paris), Radio ON (Berlin), Radio Tonka (Den Haag)
Radiospace Borealis (Bergen), KFAI/Echo Chamber (Minneapolis & Saint Paul)

Levente Dudas – N|O|E|W|A
I was born in Backa Topola, former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, and in my early life influenced by rock and progressive music and later on by the composers Schoenberg and Xenakis – a gamechanger for me! Suddenly, an exciting sonic world opened up for me and suggested the possibilities for my own music and what sound worlds could be realised.
Electroacoustic and free improvised music are two fields I have a particular interest in, as a performer and listener, and exploring the potential of instrumental and sonic combinations is perhaps my mission statement – a key aesthetic in my practice. Since 2019 I have resumed my sonic explorations with my goal being to learn as much about sound production seeking a unique signature through experimentation and the manipulation of ambient noise and the textures.
More recently I have been performing at various venues in London, Chelmsford, and Southend alongside many players from the sound art and improvisation scene – Kate Carr, Phil Durrant, John Bisset, Tasos Stamou, Stephanos Chytiris, Trevor Taylor, Bryan Styles and Matt Atkins, to name a few.

Tony Hardie-Bick
Tony Hardie-Bick is a musician and entrepreneur whose interests in electronics and music overlap significantly. An early musical epiphany while touring with legendary punk band Sham 69 inspired him to design and build a series of digital musical instruments Commercial success followed with his design for the world’s first touch screen that responds to the sound of fingertip impacts.
Tony’s recent return to musical instrument design has seen his distorting filter algorithms licensed to Ableton in 2022, followed by the construction of apparatus for listening to the sound of cities, live, in real time, anywhere in the world. The city sounds are filtered and distorted using a radical new instrument, as yet unnamed, in dialogue with other musicians.

Blanc Sceol
Blanc Sceol are an artist duo whose practice has emerged & expanded throughout their years of working together across performance, improvisation, composition, participatory actions, deep listening facilitation, somatic & ritual gatherings. They create performances that have been described as ‘transcendent’ ‘other-worldly’ & ‘ethereal’, reflecting attempts to expand themselves, through listening & sound, beyond their physical limits & to extend this personal/performance practice into the collective.

Chris Hill
Chris Hill is an improvising musician and sound artist. Based in London he regularly plays with the London Improvisers Orchestra, Eddie Prévost’s workshop group and promotes performances under the name of Babble&Squeak and DiscountGnostic. Recent collaborations and releases have been with Phil Morton (Project 50:50), Matt Atkins (Map & Territory; Moonside Tapes, 2023), Stephan Barrett (Dawn and Soil Bound: MRM 75, 2023), Microtonal Music (Moonside Tapes, 2023) and Ed Shipsey with whom he records as Egg & Crisp (Suckle Time; Astral Sewage, 2023). Some recent work has been aired on The Ambrosia Rasputin Show (Resonance FM) and Radiophrenia (Glasgow).

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