New Music From Milan VI: Olivia Salvadori / Tribe Of Colin / Sandro Mussida. Saturday 9th April 7:30pm

New Music From Milan returns with the Sixth chapter of the ongoing residency for the opera chanteuse Olivia Salvadori and composer/cellist Sandro Mussida.

They bring with them to Hundred Years Gallery the London based electronic producer and DJ Tribe Of Colin for an uncompromising set beyond any classification. Layered spaces and haunting voices, underground electronica and club sounds dialogue with classical and contemporary traditions and Salvadori’s original repertoire: be prepared to a crazy, sweet, sometimes crackly story telling via the medium of acoustic and electronics.

Born in Florence, Olivia Savadori studied vocal technique and opera singing at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and at the Conservatorio A.Boito in Parma. She performs widely as an operatic soloist as well as an avant garde artist, recording and appearing live in unique electronic and chamber music sets across Europe and U.S.A.

“I have always perceived the voice as a sculpture, as a vibrating material in which intimate and shared spaces become one, and can be lived and verified in a continuous process thus becoming the root of vocal experience.”

Sandro Mussida 
London-based composer, cellist, electronic performer. His work investigates the consequences of compositional choices on the musical matter, questioning the identity of musical languages and traditions. In particular, he works around the interaction between acoustic/classical and electric, electronic fields, writing for orchestra, chamber and solo instruments. Central on his work is the role of the performer, the experience of the sound in space and its relation with memory.

Tribe Of Colin is an electronic producer and DJ from the London underground scene. His music mixes african traditional materials and patterns with deep rooted analog  beats and pitches, finding a personal and adventurous path through experimental electronica and ritualistic drones.

Door 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £TBC


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