‘Not A Champagne Life’ panel discussion for May Day. Sunday 1st May from 3:00pm

IMG_2964The current ‘Not A Champagne Life’ exhibition at Hundred Years Gallery will be closing with an open panel discussion on May Day, a date of cultural and social relevance that is observed as Labour Day in many countries. Led by gallery director Montse Gallego, the artists will comment on their respective works and practice and about the role of political art in post-modern society.

The works on show combine strong figurative and symbolic elements and reflect on issues of social and political relevance: Ian Wolter’s busts comment on social hierarchies, perceived orders and the allure they hold for those who sit at the top of them; Emma Elliott’s works immortalise everyday objects and highlight the significance of open discourse in society; while Penelope Harrall’s piece provides a contrasting view to society’s continued tabooisation of feminine hygiene and the disproportionate VAT on sanitary products.

3pm | free entry | everybody welcome

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