‘Now in Reverse’. Exhibition of selected artists. 4th to 21st of December 2014

01 K PARKYvonne Yiwen Feng   Zhu Xiaowen           Deborah Westmancoat   

Helene Williams    Stephanie Theobald         Ting Tong Chang   

Robyn Steward    Kyu Park    Dominic Negus   

Grassy Noel        Andrew Litten                    Max Leonard Hitchings                               

John Ledger    Donghwan Ko    Jennifer Kidd   

Emma Hunter   Andrew Hladky                       Carlos Gonzalez   

Whitty Gordon Projects    Steph Goodger   Harumi Foster   

Mervenil Emiroglu    Kenzo Ejiri                       Robert Cervera  

Klaudija Cermak    Karolina Albricht.

Hundred Years Gallery proudly presents “Now in Reverse”, an exhibition of works by artists selected from an International Open Call organised by the Gallery.

The project and the exhibition is curated by Montse Gallego and Jaime Valtierra.

File 3. Container with a metal key-1         Biing Human 1        nativity.        Emma_Hunter_Image_2

'Progress in Reverse' by Grassy Noel

The Open Call ‘Now in Reverse’ was launched at various Art Platforms at the beginning of October this year. Its aim was to bring together a diverse range of artists with different practices, artistic intentions and methods, with the view of representing the eclectic nature of contemporary society and the arts of today.

The exhibition ‘Now in Reverse’ presents a selection of works from more than a hundred applications from UK and international artists.

Works of a subversive, anarchic, or experimental nature have been included, as well as other pieces with relevant conceptual or aesthetic value. The inclusive intention of the selection has also embraced artists with marginal or outsider practices and those with a pertinent political discourse in their work.


Time Waster Schedule of events:

Thursday 4th from 6.30 to 9.30: Private view, presentation of the artists and programme of events.

Sunday 7th from 3.30 to 6.30: Open debate ‘Arts Practice & Society I’

Thursday 18th from 6 to 9: Open debate ‘Personal Narratives’

Sunday 21st. from 3.30 to 6: Open debate ‘Arts Practice & Society II’


1_IMPOTENT WORRY_Andrew Litten   2.Guilty_Birds   unnamed

The phone, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 150 cm  file3boxcar3stephgoodger-00102 The Nite In The Nite And The Nite In The Daytime

IMG_2395                             surface2 (1024x667)


MajdasTenCommandments OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2. The Planet's Mental Illness unknown

    Kenzo Ejiri - 100 years Gallery 2 - Brazillian Driveby.jpg  4. Untitled (dot eight) Robert Cervera

Dying to Breathe (2)              wur_7_web


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