Oceans of Silver and Blood + Martin Küchen solo. Sunday 28th of September at 3:30pm

Confront Recording presents Oceans of Silver & Blood and Martin Küchen.

Swedish saxophonist Martin Küchen has been active in the free improvisation scene since the mid-1990s. Here he performs a rare UK solo set. Küchen is one of the finest experimental soloists on his instrument, capable of a ruthless reduction of his horn to a tube for conducting streams of breath and spittle, we look forward to hearing his richly textured music in the resonant acoustic space of Hundred Years Gallery.

Oceans of Silver and Blood are:

Joachim Nordwall (analogue synthesizer, electronics).
Joachim Nordwall (b. 1975, Karlskrona, Sweden) began experimenting in sound in 1987, when he formed the noise-drone outfit Alvars Orkester with Jan Svensson in Johannishus a small village in the southeast of Sweden. From 1998-2005, he was  part of the avant punk rock trio Kid Commando. In 1998 he also founded iDEAL – a record label and action organiser for experimental music and sound art. Past  events and exhibitions include the iDEALFESTIVAL (2003-2006), Botanic Sounds (2009) and The Drone People (2008-2010). He has collaborated with many artists, including Leif Elggren, Mika Vainio and Mats Gustafsson, and he is a founding member of the experimental rock band The Skull Defekts (with Henrik Rylander).

Mark Wastell (32″ paiste tam-tam)
London-based Mark Wastell (b. 1968, Orsett, UK) builds enormous atmospheres on the tam tam with very little actual movement. Wastell’s music is dark, deep and beautiful. Slow movements build up sonic pulses that are able to take over rooms and buildings. He has collaborated with many people including Rhodri Davies, Bernard Gunter, Evan Parker, Mattin, John Wall, Tony Conrad, Keith Rowe, Otomo Yoshihide, Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Toshimaru Nakamura, Hugh Davies, John Zorn, Lasse Maurhaug, Max Eastley and Burkhard Beins.

‘Oceans of Silver and Blood’s music is grounded in the dark environs of the underworld, in the shaded caverns weaker men fear to tread. The solid mass of their throbbing, pulse driven passages asks only of the listener a sense of surrender …. and a total submergence into the deep waters of Oceans of Silver and Blood.’
‘Like staring at the sun for too long.’

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