Ohgetsu Fujita with Seb Pipe & Will Butterworth : Emoji & Jazz. Sunday 29th July 15:30

Ohgetsu Fujita Emoji Exhibition (free) +
4pm (£5) Live avant-garde calligraphy with live jazz from
Séb Pipe (alto saxophone) & Will Butterworth (piano).

Séb Pipe presents the second of two sets of contrasting duos, both with long time collaborateurs: Kevin Glasgow (the 6 string bassist and rhythmic driving force within Pipe’s own Life Experience group) and Will Butterworth (who Séb most recently performed with during Butterworth’s musical reenactment the Oscar Wilde’s classic children’s story, ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’).

The Pipe/Glasgow duo showcases original melodic concepts, interspaced with chordal bass playing and unorthodox approaches, whilst the Pipe/Butterworth duo features wondrous harmonic landscapes, singing melodies and dynamic subtlety. Both groups feature creative original compositions and spontaneous interplay at the highest level. They will be joined by special guest Fujita Ohgetsu from Tokyo who will be creating spontaneous contemporary calligraphy, projected for all to see as the music unfolds.

“Performance life as a musician is often varied – you find yourself in all kinds of musical encounters with a broad range of personalities and styles. I am fortunate within a large city to have met a breadth of musical talent, whom I both respect and admire. Through chance, or even destiny perhaps, I have frequently found myself performing in groups of two. I instantly felt at home in this setting, thanks to a sense of clarity within the musical dialogue. Hence, the premise of the Tandem project was born. I wanted to showcase our own unique personalities in the compositions, as well as allowing room for exploration. The aim is to home in on the nuances of musical conversation, using space, density, polyphony, rhythmic interplay and harmonic exploration. Playing as a duo is certainly liberating, but with that comes a huge responsibility to support one another at all times, as we paint our musical canvas in tandem.”  Séb Pipe

Doors 3:30 | music 4:00 | entry £5

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