Performance : Isis Rising. Saturday 3rd June at 19:30

“A shadow performance steeped in ancient Egyptian mythology, accompanied by mystical sounds, poetry and song.
The first half of the programme is a play about the cycle of rising and setting of the sun, enacting the relationship between Ra the Sun God and the powerful female deity Isis. The second half concerns the love triangle between the sibling gods Osiris, Isis and Seth, involving love murder and rebirth.”

Doors 7pm | performance 7.30pm | entry £8 cash

Hélène Williams – shadow performer (Isis), poet, sonic incantations.
Steve Bird – shadow performer (Osiris), singer, musician.
Jeff Bloom – shadow performer (Seth)
Peter Coyte – synthesiser soundscapes.

Hélène Williams is a performance artist, poet, painter and sculptor.
Performance at Hundred Years Gallery: Milking Kingsland High Road, Shameless and Shamanic Mirrors. Performance Art as part of Whitstable Biennale: Milking the coast, The Gateway Between Two worlds, and Shamanic Mirrors. Performance in Mexico: Touching the Earth and Shameless.
Internationally exhibited in India, Mexico, France, Holland, Mallorca and the UK. Past exhibitions at Hundred Years Gallery: Now in Reverse, Sacred & Profane, Super Natural.
Reviewed in The Times, The Independent, Time Out, The Hindu Times and The Kentish Gazette.
BSc Psychology, BA Ceramics, MA Arts Psychotherapy and MA Mythology & the Sacred.
Her work can be viewed on the website:

Peter Coyte is a composer and performer producing work for stage, dance, film, and installations. His recording career began in 1994 as Shape Navigator on Guerilla Records and in Ska/Punk/dub/Spoken Word duo SaltPeter.  His credits include music for plays at The Everyman in Liverpool, documentary films by director Francois Verster, the Royal Opening of The new Darwin Centre at The Natural History Museum, Caroline Dorfman Dance Company, and Big State Theatre Company. His film soundtrack work includes: ’Dreams of Shahrazad’, ‘Sea Point Days’, ‘The Mothers’ House’, and ‘Fun”.
He is currently a member of the experimental ensemble Automatic Writing Circle.

Stephen Bird (aka Jowe Head) is a musician, vocalist and visual artist, who was a founder member of influential pioneering experimental punk band Swell Maps before joining Television Personalities. He has also released a large amount of material as a solo artist, and as leader of groups such as Househunters, Palookas, Angel Racing Food, Demi-Monde and Infernal Contraption.  He has exhibited his visual art-work in the USA and Europe as well as UK.  He has collaborated on performance art pieces in UK with Helene for Whitstable Biennale and at Hundred Years Gallery.

Jeff Bloom is a widely experienced performer on stage and screen.  He is best known for his work as a drummer and percussionist, and has collaborated with Jowe Head in Television Personalities, Househunters and Swell Maps C21.

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