A collection of work presented by Pete Yelding. Sunday 14th of December 3:30-6:30pm

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Pete Yelding is a composer based in London. His output ranges from solo performances – combining cello, voice, sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, toys, found sounds and electronics – to orchestral work and interdisciplinary collaborations. With a keen interest in seeking inspiration from everyday human actions and objects, Pete’s work is often characterised by its visceral theatricality and directness. This winter afternoon he will bring together a number of wonderful performers to present a program of varied works that share in their musical building blocks Cyclicity, Conversation and Constraint.

Improvisation – Stewart Fenwick – tabla, Pete Yelding – sitar

K-Bi for string quartet (premiere) – Pete Yelding
performers: Sarah Farmer, Simon Goff, Eileen Smith and Sara Gale

Improvisation – Yoni Silver – bass clarinet, Pete Yelding – cello

GSUS for 9 sustaining keyboard instruments (premiere) – Pete Yelding

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Entry £5 / donation

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