Poetry : Sarona Abuaker / Emma Gomis / Priyanka Voruganti / David Grundy. Friday 1st April 19:30

We are pleased to announce the following reading. There will be four readers, three in person and one dialling in on Zoom. Copies will also be available of recent and/or hot-off-the-press books: Sarona’s Why so few women on the street at night (the 87 Press), Emma and Anne Waldman’s A Punch in the Gut of a Star (Pamenar Press), and David’s Five Essays from Present Continuous (The Last Books).

Doors 7pm | event from 7:30 | entry £5

Take a covid test beforehand if you can to be on the safe side!

Sarona Abuaker has been published in Berfrois, MAP Magazine, the 87press’ Digital Poetics series, KOHL, Ludd Gang, and Senna Hoy.  Her debut poetry collection, Why so few women on the street at night, published by the 87Press, is a queer phenomenology of collective Palestinian futurisms and memory building.

Emma Gomis is a Catalan American poet and essayist. She is the author of the pamphlets Canxona (Blush Lit) and X (Spamzine Press), and, with Anne Waldman, Goslings to Prophecy (The Lune) and A Punch in the Gut of a Star (Pamenar Press), and the co-editor, with Anne Waldman, of New Weathers: Poetics from the Naropa Archives forthcoming from Nightboat Books.

Priyanka Voruganti is a NYC-based poet studying anthropology at the University of Cambridge. She/they have been published in Speciwomen magazine, the Women’s Review of Books, the Brooklyn Rail, and more.

David Grundy is the author of Local Apocalypse (Materials, 2020), Relief Efforts (Barque, 2018), To The Reader (Shit Valley, 2017), and The Problem, The Questions, The Poem (Tipped Press, 2014), along with the critical book A Black Arts Poetry Machine (Bloomsbury, 2019). He co-runs Materials/Materialien press.

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