Poetry : Poem Brut / SJ Fowler. Sunday 2nd July 18:30

A dozen brilliant new performances celebrating poets, artists, writers and musicians, exploring experimentation and playfulness in live poetry in one of East London most brilliant venues.

With performances by James Knight, Sophia Mold, Jacqueline Ennis Cole, Michael O’Mahony, Stephen Emmerson, David Spittle and the Popogrou Collective (Laura Davis / Ailsa Holland / Sylee Gore / Bob T. Bright / Lucy Furlong / Patrick Cosgrove / Juliet Sprake / Martin Wakefield).

This event will also see the launch of SJ Fowler’s ‘How Do You Do in Devon (An Underground Landscape)’ from Moormaid Press.

6pm doors for a 6.30pm start | free entry

Poem Brut celebrates artistic creative writing and its relationship with neurobiology – embracing text and colour, space and time, handwriting, composition, abstraction, illustration, sound, mess and motion. It affirms the possibilities of the page, the pen, the process and the performance in a computer age and celebrates genuine authentic originality in poetry, without overt recourse to biographical context and identity, resisting a literature of control, neatness, poise and direct, didactic meaning.

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