International Women’s Poetry : Cristina Viti, Virna Teixeira, Sascha Akhtar & Montse Gallego. Sunday 10th March 15:30

Readings by Cristina Viti, Virna Teixeira, Sascha Akhtar & Montse Gallego : This is the third event in a poetry series organised by Stephen Watts and Chris Gutkind. We are grateful to the readers for giving their time, all proceeds go to help this vital community gallery. Please spread the word about this reading.

Doors 3.30 | reading from 4pm | £5 / donations

Cristina Viti is a foremost translator of Italian poetry and novels. Her translations of Pasolini’s La rabbia and Luca Rastello’s Piove all’insù (The Rain’s Falling Up) were published last year. Her recent poetry scores multilingualism and contemporary forms of keening. Current activities include workshops with the Radical Translation project at King’s College London.

Virna Teixeira is a Brazilian poet, translator, short story writer and visual artist based in London. Her last collection of poems, ‘My Doll and I’ explores issues around crossdressing, gender and conventional anima/animus roles. She is the editor of online zine Theodora and the independent publishing project Carnaval Press. Her first book of short stories, A Pupila, was published recently in Brazil and Portugal. She works as a psychiatrist in a forensic setting and is training as a Junguian analyst. Most recent work focuses on violence, trauma and power.

Sascha Akhtar is a translator and Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Greenwich. Akhtar performs her work internationally, some highlights include the Medway literary Festival 2023,  Emirates Festival of Literature 2022 and Rotterdam Poetry Festival 2012.  Latest writings appear in Deleuzine, Rivista international, Prototype Annual 4, Cut-Purse (Tangerine Press), Of Myths and Mothers anthology 2022 and Lucy Writers Platform.

Montse Gallego is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of the Hundred Years Gallery. She began writing short stories in the early eighties and her poetry has been developed in her notebooks since the nineties, both as silent but permanent supporters of her foremost painting practice. In 2012 she started an experimental project based on automatic poems which was later recorded and edited by herself as a voice-sound-collage series titled Las Naves de Antofagasta. Her first ever selection of poems in the form of a book, Al Final del Tiempo, was finished in Paris in January 2020, and printed and hand bound by herself during the first months of the Covid19 plague.

Montse’s work will be read in the original Spanish, with translations in English and Chinese read by Mary Lemley and Zheng Hao

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