Poetry : Tania Favela / Naomi Weber / Koshka Duff / Lotte L.S. / Will Rowe / Frances Kruk : Veer2. Friday 21st July 19:00

Tania Favela is a poet and essayist. Her recent books include El lugar es el poema: aproximaciones a la poesía de José Watanabe (APJ, 2018), the book of poems La marcha hacia ninguna parte (Komorebi, 2018), Remar a contracorriente. Cinco poéticas: Hugo Gola, Miguel Casado, Olvido García Valdés, Roger Santiváñez, Gloria Gervitz (Libros de la resistencia, 2019) and La trama ininterrumpida. Ensayos en torno a Hugo Gola (Peregrinatur, Argentina, 2022). She is a full-time lecturer at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Naomi Weber is a poet living in London. Her most recent pamphlet, Women on Film, is out now with Veer2. Her previous work includes Marriage of Daughters to the World and Each Other (Burner Veer).

Koshka Duff is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Nottingham. Their research and teaching focus on social and political philosophy, particularly issues around policing and dissent, and love and intimacy. They also write and translate poetry, and play piano in Nottingham band Stolen Goods. Her recent work includes an edited collection, Abolishing the Police (Dog Section Press, 2021), which was shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing 2022, and an essay, ‘”for ‘I love you’ say fuck the police”: Abolition in and through the poetry of Sean Bonney’, forthcoming in ArtiCHOKE Berlin.

Lotte L.S. is a poet. Her writing includes a pamphlet with Tripwire, titled, A town, three cities, a fig, a riot, two blue hyacinths, three beginnings, five letters, a “death”, two solitudes, façades, four loose dogs, a doppelgänger, a likeness, three airport floors, thirty-six weeks..., translations of the Moroccan poet and Marxist feminist Saïda Menebhi, who died on hunger strike in prison in 1977, and shorter self-published pamphlets of poetry such as untitled (Iceland), and TWELVE DAYS OF 21st CENTURY RAIN.

Will Rowe is a poet, essayist and translator. Recent work includes the translation of Tania Favela’s Motion towards no place (Veer2), Poetry in times of resurgent fascism (Critical Veer). Seeing, against fascism, a commentary on Verity Spott’s Hopelessness, is forthcoming.

Frances Kruk is the author of Lo-f frags in-progress (Veer Books), Pin (yt communications) and a number of other books. She is currently visiting London from Alberta, Canada.


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