‘Practices in Dialogue: Loss and Creation’. Wednesday 16th December 2015, 6-8pm

Yuyu WangIn this drop-in evening event, Yvonne Feng will introduce her exhibition An Amnesiac’s Stories and talk about her recent work in relation to the notion of amnesia and desire. Feng will also invite the following artists to present their works or projects responding to the theme of the exhibition:

Sarah Fortais’ work is bricolage, and involves overlapping, forcefully dragging together parts, and rebuilding them. She will use found skulls and discarded objects to create spacesuits for animals in the gallery. The project is inspired by Apollo mission pressure suits, but Fortais has transformed the pressure suit design in various ways in order to accommodate these new wearers.

Gemma Lowe will present a story about the life of a broken pot – When Things Break. The pot came into her world by accident and now has a new life outside of her control. It is in the care of a new set of people, and the original owner will have to contact them in order to retrieve it. As well as becoming a new object, the pot creates new social relations. In this way it is no longer a passive object, but has become an agent.

Devlin Shea explores light, shadow, narrative and cinematic cues in drawing and painting. Her projection piece on the gallery window is derived from an ambiguous intimate moment and scaled up larger than life. By putting this scene into the spotlight, she has heightened the awkwardness, frailty and power in the relationship of these two individuals. The scale brings a grandness which clashes and creates a tension with these vulnerable materials.

Yuyu Wang understands the world through physical senses. She sees her body as the only tunnel between external realities and herself. She projects her bodily experiences, sensations and other fragments of her inner world on inanimate objects and optical space. In her practice, she attempts to build her own language with materials and objects with her own somatic experiences. Wang will perform her new work Sheep’s Skin with Pins in the gallery.

Through bringing different artists’ practices in dialogue, the event will explore the relationship between loss and creation, furthermore the impossibility of representing the lost.  If the lost is not replicable, then how does it transform and what is created?

How does the desire for tracing or remaking grow into a fertile artistic practice?

Join us in the gallery café where stories will be exchanged, practices will be shared and new objects will be created.

Free event

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