John Rangecroft, Dave Tucker & Marcio Mattos. Saturday 23rd September 7:30

The welcome return to Hundred Years Gallery of The Paulinus Trio

John Rangecroft (saxophones, clarinet)
Marcio Mattos  (double bass, ‘cello)
Dave Tucker (electric guitar)

Door 7:30pm | music 8pm | entry £5

John Rangecroft (saxophones, clarinet) has been active in Improvised Music since the 1970s playing with  Talisker and with John Stevens at the Little Theatre Club. He became a member of 7rpm with Paul Rogers Tony Marsh and Paul Dunmall and played clarinet on Hot and Cold Heroes, the last CD of John Stevens’ Spontaneous Music Ensemble. Recordings followed with the Evan Parker Octet and the Transatlantic Art Ensemble with Roscoe Mitchell on ECM live in Munich, and recently in Spain with the Japanese shakuhachi player Shiku Yano.

Marcio Mattos  (double bass, ‘cello) is a highly-solicited contributor to the international Improvised Music scene, having performed with Evan Parker, John Stevens, Roscoe Mitchell, Roswell Rudd and the Ballet Rambert Dance Company amongst many others. He was a long standing partner with the late Elton Dean and toured with the Bardo State Orchestra. His recent solo record SOL(os) is on Emanem. He is also a ceramic artist.

Dave Tucker (guitar, bass, musician), began performing in the punk movement of the 1970’s in Manchester. In the 80’s he was a member of The Fall and recorded on ‘Slates’ and two John Peel sessions with the group. After moving to London in the mid 1980’s, he studied and played with Phillip Wachsmann, becoming a core member of the London improvised music scene. He currently plays guitar with London Improvisers Orchestra.

The Paulinus Trio was formed in 2012 and released its first CD on Creative Sources.

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