‘Re-Cycle-Style – One’s innermost thoughts – and Archive Collections’ by Kumiko Tani & Kaori Ito. 1st to 25th of May

Private view Thursday 1st May 6:30  (Music supported by NUsic TV)

One’s inner most thoughts – and Archive collections
Love, hate, anger, jealousy, sorrow,  fear, despair, happiness…
Human emotion is infinite, free forever.
Yet, we have to survive against our mind sometimes.
To cover your body with fabric gives warmth and relief ,but at the same time can obstruct the mind or disguise thoughts.
This represents conflict over mutual feeling through body and fabric.

Re-cycle Style is an ethical project and fashion brand.
An enormous amount of waste is produced everyday and re-cycling is one way to reduce waste. We will try to change the image of re-cycling and provide a lead to people’s mind. This collection is profoundly connected with the city and its inhabitants.

Kumiko Tani was born in Japan and moved to London UK. A graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and design, she started ‘Re-cycle style’ in 2008.  Her Newspaper Collection caught the attention of various magazines and galleries in the UK and Japan who have since featured her work. Kumiko has worked with many different artists on workshops and exhibitions internationally. Currently she is designing and styling costumes for several theatre production companies including Secret Cinema, for a performance for Friends of the Earth, and for the musicians Sonja Kristina (of Curved Air), Gabby Young and Joji Hirota.

Kaori Ito (Photographer) Born in Nagoya Japan
After graduating from photography school she has worked as a photography assistant in Tokyo and moved to London in 2008, working as a freelance photographer as well as a freelance photography assistant. She returned to Tokyo in 2013.

Kira Zhigalina (Multimedia artist)
Ki Ra was born in Moscow, lives and works in London, UK.
She graduated from Central Saint Martins, specializing in film and video. She has created work for Secret Cinema, London Contemporary Orchestra, Rambert Dance Company, London Zoo, and Musion Hollographic Sytems, as well as for various other opera productions, clubs, and music artists in London, Tokyo and Moscow.
Her artistic interest lies in examining the subconscious and conscious appreciation of forms, and visualizing the space in between, where archetypes feed into representations. The intention with her work is to create a visual language or experience that can communicate on emotional and subconscious levels.

Hitomi Soeda (Photographer): Works as a freelance photographer with a studio called ‘2K UNIT’ with D Junsei in Hackney Wick. Also organizing a music TV channel called ‘NusicTV’ with D Junsei and Benjamin Gough. Her aim is taking intimate shots from the world around her.

Saturday 10th May at 6:30: performance with Cos Chapman, Sofia Figueiredo, Riccardo Attanasio


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