Exhibition: reductive journal FOUR: afternoon performance & discussion. Saturday 28th November 13:30 – 17:00

BoreSaturday afternoon performance, participation and discussion by three UK publishing collectives, mumei, Bore Publishing and Compost and Height to examine how text and sound integrate in our publishing ideas. You will have a chance to participate in performances and discussions, and to look into our archives and purchase some rare publications. 

The text-sound afternoon event presented by mumei publishing, Bore Publishing and Compost and Height with

Ryoko Akama (objects and electronics)
Heather Frasch (flute)
Sarah Hughes (objects and zither)
David Stent (guitar and objects)
Manfred Werder (traces)
Daniel del Rio (computer)

13:30 – 17:00 (free entry)


Bore Publishing is Sarah Hughes and David Stent 

Compost and Height is Sarah Hughes and Patrick Farmer 

mumei are Heather Frasch, Daniel del Rio and Ryoko Akama 

This is the third celebration event of FOUR, the fourth issue of its free online text-sound journal by reductive journal. FOUR includes works by Ryoko Akama, Daniela Cascella, Joseph Clayton Mills, Patrick Farmer, Jürg Frey, Christine Sun Kim, Sarah Hughes and Dave Stent, Daniel del Rio, Manfred Werder, lo wie, Audra Wolowiec.

available on 20th November 2015

format : 155x230mm / 4 colours / 172 pages / naked spine / £15

will be on sale for £13 at the events at the gallery

afternoon concert includes performances of scores published by reductive journal, Bore Publishing, and Compost and Height.


Sarah Hughes is an artist, composer and performer whose work explores the boundaries of interdisciplinary practice, moving between sculpture, installation, musical composition and performance, publishing, drawing and collage. Common to each is the exploration of composition as a medium for production and as a tool for unifying discursive practices. Activities of placement and rearrangement recur across all forms of her work and are used as tools for thinking about spatial, material and social relations. sarahhughes.org

Ryoko Akama is a sound artist/ composer/curator. She approaches the aesthetics of silence and space in her compositional practice which uses diverse mediums such as text, objects and electronics. Akama explores sound performance with sine tones and produces installations with simple objects and electronics. She pursues the minimal, reductive and abstract and introduces quiet sonic experience. She runs melange edition label and co-edits reductive journal. ryokoakama.com

Daniela Cascella is a London-based Italian writer. Her work is focused on sound and literature across a range of publications and projects, driven by a longstanding interest in the relationship between listening, reading, writing, translating, recording and in the contingent conversations, questions, frictions, kinships that these fields generate, host or complicate. She is the author of F.M.R.L. Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound (Zero Books, 2015) and En Abyme: Listening, Reading, Writing. An Archival Fiction (Zero Books, 2012). danielacascella.com

Daniel del Río lives and works in Guadalajara, Spain.

David R J Stent is an artist, writer, curator and performer whose work is concerned with relationships between text, image and publishing practices. His most recent work has been concerned with the role of fiction in art practice, particularly in association with artists’ publications, collaborative authorship, and the use of theory and philosophy in contemporary art. He is a founding member of The Set Ensemble, a collective dedicated to the performance of experimental music and contemporary composition, and a founding editor of BORE, a journal of scores for performance. skurrilsteer.wordpress.com

Heather Frasch is a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music, improviser and experimental flutist and works on sound installations. heatherfrasch.wordpress.com

Manfred Werder is a composer and performer. His scores and projects aim at letting appear the world’s natural abundance. manfred-werder.blogspot.pt

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