Salomania : Performance / Panel discussion / Films. Saturday 8th April 6:30pm

A special programme of events to celebrate the end of our ‘Salomania’ exhibition

6.30pm A final chance to see ‘Lulu Goldman Deceased Performs Live In The Mortuary!’
Performance Artist Zoe Simon reprises her role as failed bunny girl and ghost Lulu Goldman Deceased.

7.30pm A 45 minute panel discussion led by female artists with questions afterwards:

‘Do female representations of women as sexual collude with the masculine objectification of women or do they exert women as sexually liberated and a socially constructed gender?’ A panel of female artists and writers will discuss this fascinating question and the issues it provokes.

Contributing to the discussion will be Guler Ates and Rachelle Romeo

Guler Ates: Gender, faith, identity and cultural hybridity are both central themes and the driving forces of Guler Ates’ practice. The lone veiled woman is the primary motif of her work, a figure whose identity is consistently obscured. By denying the viewer authoritative gaze over the figure, ambiguity creates a liminal space in which ideas and concepts retain fluidity, allowing the viewer to have a more holistic experience of the image.

Rachelle Romeo’s approach to her art is cross-disciplinary: employing photography, silk-screen, watercolour and cross-stitch. For a woman to smoke, drink or even masturbate was seen over the centuries as a ‘taboo’. Female sexual exploration is becoming socially acceptable within the 21st century. With the media openly exposing female sexual gratification, shops publicly supplying women with sexual stimulants, the sight of a vibratory is no longer ‘unsettling’. Rachelle confronts the viewer through humour and at times an aesthetically decorative touch – seductive, standing firm for the notion of female sexual liberation.

Films (Zoe Simon):  Model, Baby, Femme Cheval, Hysteric, Change.

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