Screening : In Thunder Lightning and Rain by Rajesh James. 27.05.2021.

We are hosting the 23rd edition of UK Asian Film Festival 2021. Please join us for a screening of documentary In Thunder Lightning and Rain by Rajesh James. Followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with the director. Co – Programmed by Vasudha Wantu.

In Thunder Lightning and Rain depicts the endurance of three women against their ostracisation in society. The three women – a footballer, a fisher and a cremator – tell  their sagas of woes and weal, resistance and endurance in the film. These three contemporary Shakespearian witches are etched against the carnivalesque urban space of Fort Kochi. They visit the masculine space of carnival. The camera intently listens to them with an intense zeal to film their identity.





















Rajesh James is a documentary filmmaker and film researcher from Kochi, India. He was awarded the prestigious Riyad Wadia Award for Best Emerging Filmmaker, India in 2017. His documentary Naked Wheels won K.F.Patil Unity in Diversity Award for Best Documentary Short at Kashish International Queer Film Festival Mumbai in 2017. He was also awarded PK Rossy Puraskaram for Best Documentary 2016 by Kerala Sthree Padana Kendram, Government of Kerala at International Feminist Film Festival of Kerala 2016. He has directed films like Naked Wheels (2016) and Zebra Lines (2014).

Door 18:20 and 20:20  |  Film  18:30 and 20:30  |  Entry  £5.50  | Limited Seating  15 seats/screening.

Film is screening at Hundred Years Gallery as well as online.

Tickets ( Hundred Years Gallery screening, 27th May ) @ 18:30 / @ 20:30 – here

Tickets ( online ) : here



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