Exhibition: ‘Solidity · Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment)’. 17th to 27th of September 2015

A  project by Ella West & Sophie Glover

Solidity · Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment) presents the first exhibition of collaborative work by Sophie Glover and Ella West. The pieces stem from a period working as artists in residence on Kökar, a small island positioned between Sweden and Finland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The project, both playful and inquisitive, explores the rocks on the island through different concepts of representation alongside an investigation into the historical and anthropological links to the land.

Since returning to London post-residency, the artists have continued to question their overall relationship with rocks.

This exhibition will present their work in video, painting, drawing, installation and sculpture alongside a collection of rock related visual material that endlessly feeds into their indulgence in the Solidity of Mass.

Opening: Friday 18th from 7 to 9.30

Interactive Event :Thursday 24th, 6.30 to 8.30. Sophie Glover and Ella West will collaborate with Bristol collective CHAMP investigating their own experience of the perception of rocks, resulting in a participatory performance by CHAMP in the Hundred Years Gallery.

See a document of the progress throughout the project:  Solidity · Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment)

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paintingk                                             Scan 3


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