Solstices IV

An evening of events celebrating Summer Solstice 2012.
Wednesday 20th of June from 7:30 pm.


1.- Lote3  Carina Levitan (Brasilian sound artist and musician) and Graham Mackeachan (London bassist).
Since December 2010 they have performed live improvisations via skype to mark the simultaneous summer and winter solstices of the two hemispheres.

For the summer solstice 2012, Hundred Years Gallery will link live with Casinha de Ipanema in Porto Alegre, Brasil and will screen this simultaneous performance in the ongoing Lote3 project series called Cidade S (virtual city built in cyberspace from scraps of unwanted sound).
Lote3 performances incorporate free improvisation and the interpretation of graphic scores using sound sculpture, circuit-bent electronics, motors, traditional instruments & found sound – radical subjectivity, machines, noise and touch, chaos and order, big cities, fruit with no taste, paradox, contradiction, imagination, collage . . .
The virtual album ‘Cidade S’ recorded in Porto Alegre, Brasil & London, UK is available as a free download from the website. 

2.- “A bike, a suitcase and an umbrella” (2010) film by Carina Levitan
3.- “Incantatory solstice” poetry performance by Grassy Noel
4.- “Improvisations and pieces by Arnold Schönberg” solo piano by Gabriel Keen
5.- “Hecate Speaks Out” spoken piece by Jill Rock
6.- “Tarot & Numerology” divination session by Essien Poppola
7.- “Sunrise Raga” by Chris Cook on sitar
8.- “Summer Stupidity” spoken piece by Johnny Cole

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