Re: Hostile Takeover of Hundred Years Gallery

We, the good people of the Hundred Years Gallery would hereby like to clarify that the nefarious activities, which have recently been perpetrated in our name, were done so without our knowledge, let alone consent.

This clarification concerns various activities on our premises, including physical damage done by graffiti, as well as unauthorised communications via our social media channels.

We first noticed uncanny occurrences in early July, but initially thought it was the benevolent spirit of Melquíades, who has made our gallery his temporary home many times before.

Yet when artworks were suddenly referred to as products in our corporate communications, we began to suspect that a nefarious entity had infiltrated our organisation. Soon after, prices for cappuccino and other beverages doubled in price, and most recently an unauthorised attempt was made at Companies House to change our legal status from charitable to profit making.

All our efforts to resist or contain this spirit proved futile, and left us no choice but to embrace it. Since then, an aura of harmony and splendour has overtaken the Hundred Years Gallery, and we would like to transmit this new, re-branded spirit to our audience and friends.

You are therefore cordially invited to celebrate with us on the 29 of September 2016 from 6:30pm, in conjunction with a public debate and surrounded by artworks that explore the issue.

For more information on the debate and main speakers, please find details HERE

For more information on the project in general, please watch this illuminating VIDEO

HOSTILE TAKEOVER of Hundred Years Gallery

15 – 30 September 2016

Private View with special announcement
22 September 2016 – from 7pm

Hostile Takeover: ‘Between Good & Evil’ Debate;
presided over by the Nefarious Financial Spirit that has taken possession of Hundred Years Gallery
29th September 2016 – 6:30pm

Hundred Years Gallery

13 Pearson Street
London E2 8JD

Gallery and Cafe Hours:
Wednesday to Friday, 10:30-6pm.
Saturday, 4-11pm.
Sunday, 12-7pm.


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