Music : Steve Noble solo + BeCoDa (Taylor/Webster/Thompson). Saturday 24th July 19:30

Steve Noble – percussion


Benedict Taylor – viola
Colin Webster – saxophone
Daniel Thompson – guitar

This concert celebrates the Empty Birdcage Records release of ‘solo’ by Steve Noble.

Here is an excerpt from the press release for ‘solo’:

Sounds emanated from a basement, up through the stairwell to the ground floor, picked you up by the scruff and took you through the roof into the sky. Sometimes you weren’t entirely sure how the sounds had been created, by a small percussive set up centred around a single snare drum. Then you reminded yourself you were listening to Steve Noble, master drummer, percussionist and improviser.

Recorded towards the end of 2020 and after an arduous year of very little creative activity we decided to set this recording up. Hundred Years Gallery were allowing rehearsals and recordings (due to restrictions few places were) so we jumped at the opportunity, we wanted a ‘live’ sound and it was perfect. Steve arranged his instruments, the mics were placed, soundcheck was completed. Steve played. It was a Sunday afternoon and the evening had a feel like we were lucky we captured the music.

This marks our fourth release on Empty Birdcage Records and our second release to have the quite stunning artwork of Beverley Waller adorn the cover. We are delighted to announce this release and pre-orders are available from 1st June 2021.

Dedicated to releasing documents of free improvisation on CD, tape, DL and vinyl, Empty Birdcage Records was founded by guitarist and improviser Daniel Thompson in 2020.


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