Structured Disasters : Mark Browne/Terry Day/Paul Jolly. Sunday 9th December 15:30

Mark Browne/Terry Day/Paul Jolly

Mark Browne has explored the possibilities of the saxophone for 30 years and has played with Alpha Males, The Unseemly Trio and is currently a member of the trio Crush!!! (with Sonic Pleasure and Ian MacGowan). Latterly incorporating percussion (gongs and cymbals) into his performance, Mark’s sense of bathos has been noted encompassing both the virtuosic and the inept. The sonic territory he maps touches the spikiness of European free improvisation and the soul of free jazz with the jarring jump cuts of musique concrete and the textures of contemporary electronic music.
Terry Day is a free improvised music genius with a unique style. He was a founder member in 1965 of the legendary People Band, in which he played drums and myriad other instruments. Alongside this he contributed to some notable improv bands: Alterations with Steve Beresford, David Toop and Peter Cusack, Derek Bailey’s Company, and The Promenaders with Lol Coxhill. He makes his own bamboo pipes, writes poems and is known to play the balloon.
Paul Jolly has been exploring Jazz and Improvisation since 1964, joining the People Band (with composer Mel Davis and percussionist Terry Day) in 1969. He has spent time as the Musical Director for the Intriplicate Mime Company, and embarked on major European tours with the People Band, Big Chico and Mummy and Loverly. He was a member of the cult 70’s band Sweet Slag. Alongside performing roles, he is executive & artistic production for “33” Records. As a composer he provided the music for the award winning Mike Figgis film “Stormy Monday”, with Sting, Tommy Lee Jones & Melanie Griffiths.


Daniel J Gregory – Objects / Alec Spasebar McGrory – More Objects

Lee Riley/Spinecakes

Spinecakes is Spinecakes, delivering rotten, throbbing electronic gunk wherever he lays his suitcase, and has performed along alongside Lee Riley, Anthony Osbourne and many others.
About Lee Riley: “His sound veers from the almost imperceptible to terrifying. Be warned”
Nightshift (May 2014)
“glacial walls of texture and density”
Tertium Quid
“distorts sound to create an aural realm that is stark, metallic and at times claustrophobic”
Black White Score

Doors 15:30/ Music 16:00/ Entry: £5 

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