‘Talk it: Music’. Wednesday 3rd of July from 6.30

We Are CAN presents: ‘Talk It: Music’

Ladies and gentlemen, animals and plants,

This time we’re going back to the debating format to bring you an insightful discussion on Music. 

Join us for an informal discussion of all things musical, with emphasis on the different types of collaboration that permeate its world and the method by which musicians develop their work. 

We have invited an eclectic mix of speakers to lead the conversation and share their experience with us.

Come along and speak your mind or just tune in your ears!

Speakers include: 

Stuart Wood: London based composer creating music content for advertising, TV, film and theatre. Wood also produces bespoke performances for events, brands and festivals. His music hall musical, Frank’s Closet, written specifically for Hoxton Hall in 2009, was Time Out critics choice for six weeks. He is currently working on a large-scale show set in an 18th Century London Pleasure Garden. Stuart, also teaches song-writing at Core Arts, a centre for adults with enduring mental health issues in Homerton, East London.

Grahame Painting: leads and plays guitar in the psychedelic skronk outfit Horseless Headmen and plays cello and percussion in Jerico Orchestra. He also plays guitar with blues-jazz singer Bee Ororo and over three decades has contributed cello, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, sound effects and vocals to Family Fodder, of which he has twice been a member. He has performed with many leading instrumentalists on the London experimental music scene. In the 1990s he was a member of the award-winning trip-hop band Baby Fox and as a session player performed with dance, soul, jazz, pop and experimental acts including Lena Fiagbe, Daryl Hall, Rhys Chatham, Louise Goffin, Noel McKoy, Robert Owens, Principles Of Soul, Atlantic Soul Machine, Maxi Jazz, Jason Rebello, Sonia, Martika, Ingrid Laubrock, Ashley Slater, Steve Williamson, Barry Andrews, Steve Swindells and the conceptual artist Kumiko Shimizu. He started his professional music career in the late 1970s by signing to Epic with the post-punk band The Passengers before joining Family Fodder and playing cello with Hermine Demoriane. He was a journalist for 14 years before leaving The Times in 2011, where he had worked as a foreign news chief sub-editor. 

Itay Kashti: musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. While studying sound enginering, Kashti formed a band and played a key part in the booming indie scene of Tel Aviv, Israel in the yealry 2000s. After moving to London in 2007, Itay built a basic recording setup in his room and started producing his own records. Shortly after, he started working for notable studios around town including Soho Studios, Cream Studios and Play Studios. To date, Itay has worked with dozens of artists in different genres, having produced more than 250 tracks. His current project, SideFields, is also going from strength to strength, being signed to a new label of industry veterans and is gearing towards a new album album lauch. Amongst other musicla ventures he’s involved in, Itay started a project called Soho After Dark together with The Orchard (http://www.iodalliance.com/) which will be unveiled soon, and will showcase video sessions with the best upcoming / established independent talents from both sides of the atlantic.

Deelee Dubeģ: currently performing as an acoustic/jazz/blues/popular singer songwriter with musicians. Deelee has worked as a session singer for several renowned artists and on musical projects with emerging producers and artists. Deelee formed her first band when she was 14 and has performed at several venues in city. She studied at the BRIT School, where she also improved her piano playing skills and knowledge of music, she performed before record company A&R’s who showed great interest in her voice and songwriting skills. She went on to perform within several other bands and then went on to develop her solo career. 

Jo Roberts: visual artist, poet and performer. Jo became interested in creating sound collages using a distorting FisherPrice cassette recorder in the late 90’s. She then met sound artist and guitarist Cos Chapman and together they formed the group LEAPS in Cambridge, set up to hold events for experimental arts and performance. At one of these events Jo decided to put on a blonde wig and rant her “absurdist poetry down a mic, it went down well” [sic]. After several more rantings Jo was invited to join a band, originally called Savage Earth Worm and now known as Miss Roberts and the Rude Mechanicals (just Rude Mechanicals for short).

Nicky Heinen: London-based flutist specializing in improvisation. Has toured, recorded and broadcast extensively in the U.K and Europe, playing a wide range of music as a flutist and saxophonist beginning with the European chart-topping folk-rock group, PAUL BRETT SAGE and Ghanaian High Life groups, ORCHESTRE JAZIRA and DZATA. Current projects include solo flute performances, working with Romanian singer, Monooka, Ethnamorte and cross-cultural Latin Arabic band, JAZZURKA. 






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