Tasos Stamou & Adam Bohman: ‘The Car Boot Sales’. Saturday 22nd of March at 7pm

An evening of free improvised eccentricity featuring ‘The Car Boot Sales’, a collaborative duo project of Tasos Stamou and Adam Bohman, who will perform (in solos and a duo) showcasing their eclectic and extended collection of handmade instruments. Their collaboration consists of both sound experimentalists’ passionate relation to found objects and recycled material treated as original sound sources.

Devoted solo performers of free improvised music, also members of the London Improvisers Orchestra, Tasos Stamou (modified electronics, cassette loops & prepared zither) & Adam Bohman (amplified objects and prepared strings) create layers of ‘instant’ musique concrète which balances between narrative structures and textural noises, much like the sonic ambience of a crowded Sunday car boot sale market. Their sound explores the possibilities of expression through means of irregular practices and modified lo-fi equipment.

Adam Bohman is well known to the avant-garde and the free improvised British music scene (also as a member of the Bohman Brothers, Morphogeneses etc) for his unique solo achievements over objects and amplified-table techniques.

Tasos Stamou is a (non academic) electroacoustic music composer and a performer of free improvised music, an instrument designer and a devoted circuit bender. He has been performing and recording in solo and collaborative projects using several different arrangements of handmade electronics and electroacoustic arrangements. He is also a tutor and workshop leader

This is a unique chance to see the two sound artists performing with their full handmade sound equipment in a form of a sound installation at Hundred Years Gallery.

Entry by donation £4, doors 7pm

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