Exhibition : The Floating World : Jill Rock & M. Gallego. 25 May to 24 June

Following their collaboration on the ‘Memory’ theme as part of a group show currently exhibiting in St. Pancras Hospital, artists Jill Rock and Montse Gallego continued experimenting with the subject during their three days intense residency at the GreatArt shop on the 18th 19th & 20th of May 2018. They painted and wrote at the same time as listening to and recording the stories and memories of those who approached, also reflecting on the meaning of ‘The Floating World’ metaphor from the Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel that inspired Jill that very morning.

The result of the experience is this exhibition on the ground floor of the gallery, where twenty ‘pieces of experiences‘ are floating until the 24th of June.

” I have learnt many things over these past years.  I have learnt much in contemplating the world of pleasure, and recognising it’s fragile beauty.  But I now feel it is time for me to progress to other things.  Sensei, it is my belief in such troubled times as these, artists must learn to value something more tangible than those pleasurable things which disappear with the morning light.  It is not necessary that artists always occupy a decadent and enclosed world.  My conscience, Sensei, tells me I cannot remain forever an artist of the Floating World.” Kazuo Ishiguro


GreatArt is currently in partnership with Hundred Years Gallery

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