The origin of sounds and signs: Charlotte Hug & Bei Bei Wang. Saturday 7th January 7:30pm

Beibei Wang
percussion (China, Great Britain)
Charlotte Hug viola & voice & Son-Icons live drawing (Switzerland)

Bei Bei Wang touches the half transparent parchment paper with her fingertips, her palms, blows with her lips and lets the paper vibrate, with a loving tenderness – the process culminates in a strong interaction with the large strips of paper stretched tightly or hanging lose from the ceiling. Her sticks drum now ultra rapidly on the paper, which seems to become a skin, and finally emerges into a living creature who whispers, laughs and speaks to us.

Charlotte Hug simultaneously holds diverse pencils in both hands allowing them to dance on the big parchment paper, following the primal musical impulse. She translates the seismic vibration and the sounds of the performance into sonic drawings – Son-Icons.
The graphite traces emerging are associated with primal gestural calligraphic signs, which show the living sound and polyphonically drawn structures. With the sensual magnet of this live drawn Son-Icon, a new musical interplay leads to a musical-visual trio between the two musicians and the Son-Icon.

Virtuoso percussionist Beibei Wang has been meteoric rising in the classical music world. Her musical sensibility of Chinese heritage and western avant-garde influences serve her motto to challenge herself in every concert. By exploring new possibilities and challenging assumptions from all fields, she and her collaborators have developed genre-defying projects, pushing boundaries and delighting audiences the world over.

Charlotte Hug: Swiss composer, performer and visual artist is internationally known for her innovative musical – visual solo performances for viola, voice and ‘Son-Icons’ (sound-drawings). Since 2008 she has been lecturing at the Zurich University of the Arts. Hug has received a plethora of awards, including residencies in London, Paris, Berlin, Johannesburg and Shanghai in 2017. Hug is fully active as a performer and soloist. In 2011 she was Artiste Étoile at the Lucerne Festival.

 Doors 7:30 | music from 8pm | entry £5

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