DARK: The Re-Awakening Of The Wake. Saturday 26th March 7:30pm

An hour long ensemble improvisation of the piece The Re-Awakening Of James Joyce’s Night-time novel, The Wake, The Sandman Returns to Meet where Terms Begin, a collaboration between poet and performer Grassy Noel and dancer Sofia Figueiredo, with artistand musician Giles Leaman, situationist improvising ensemble KMAT and guests. Part of Jill Rock‘s ‘Dark : Festival of the Unseen’

Grassy Noel – vocalisations from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce and improvised pieces
Sofia Figueiredo – dance theatre improvisation

KMAT: Graham MacKeachan – upright bass; Paul Shearsmith – pocket trumpet, pipes and percussion; Keisuke Matsui – electric guitar & amplified objects
with Giles Leaman – percussion and a plethora of his own hand-made instruments
Ivor Kallin on viola
Mark Rathmell on celestial keyboards

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