The Zone Part III

The next 10th of August Hundred Years Gallery will host another session of experimental film.

Thanatos‘ is the name of death.

Combining video and dance, Arts Conspiracy reach into the earth and pull faces from the fire. death is not only physical but cultural. Whether or not you believe in ‘spirit’ the body survives beyond death. death is performative: it is staged, its presentation is controlled, yet many interpretations of death’s message are possible.

Arts Conspiracy is a shadowy group of artists in various media. ‘thanatos’, is a video/dance/music/installation incorporating the videography and photography of abstract painter Sabine Portela and writer Peter Pick, the butoh dance of artist Carolina Diaz and the music of the loop-based improvising duo Meshmass. ‘Thanatos’ features images from the catacombs of Palermo, Sicily and will in this instance be danced live and exclusively by Carolina Diaz. ‘Thanatos’ is one part of the series ‘isolated churches’.


Geology / Lava Field  – Darr Tah Lei 2012, super 8 mm film, 10’48”, Iceland/Germany
On Materiality of the Digital Image – Sara Santos 2012, 4′, mini DV, Hi 8, VCR, Portugal
Caliban Tower – Graham Mackeachan, Rita Says 2012 – 1’52” mobile phone, UK
Formosa Series 1A – Robert Ross 2012, 6’34” High Definition video, UK
Big Moth – Simon Mclennan 2010 – super 8 mm film, 3’14”, UK


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