The Zone Experimental Film Event. 27th of April 2012

Screening of experimental and artist film with some live performance.The Zone is an itinerant event conceived in Brighton, utilising alternative or unusual spaces.

Although mainly a platform for film and video, the Zone seeks to promote live performance that incorporates moving image.

The Zone aims to deliver film in a social setting ie shared not solitary, and at a higher definition of sound and image than generally experienced online.

The Zone is in some ways a response to the proliferation of digital video on the internet; by providing an ongoing live platform for film and cross media experimentation it aims to emphasise the experiential nature of work.

List of films:

Kamikaze – Carolina Diaz – 6 ‘
Park House – Simon Mclennan – 2′
Caeto Vestri Mens – Simon Mclennan 3′
Caryatid Row – Andreas Wutz – 15′
A Million Different People – M. Szpakowski
WUD – Sean Reynard 2′
Abstract Film – Ian Helliwell
Traffic Flow – David Grundy (live sound performance – electro acoustic)
Rain – David Grundy

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