Daniel Thompson & Pascal Marzan + Benedict Taylor/Adrian Northover/Lukax Santana. Saturday 26th January 19:30

Pascal Marzan is a classically trained musician active in Paris, his home city, both as an improviser and organiser of improvised music events.

After studying classical guitar mainly devoted to the twentieth century repertoire and teaching guitar in several music schools of Budapest in Hungary and France, he is dedicated to free improvisation. His playing has been influenced by his interest in the folk musics of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. His approach to the guitar is characterized by the search for new sounds including three distinct modes of play,  Prepared technical / noisy (cutter, knitting needles, metal cylinders, friction, mutes, bottleneck)… for indefinable sounds and sounds of cimbalom, gamelan gongs, koto… Flamenco technique: rasgueados and golpes… Classical technique of the twentieth century repertoire.

Daniel Thompson is a guitarist and improvising musician currently living in Hackney, London. He was born in Norfolk, England in 1981 and other than a couple of years playing violin as a child, his musical studies didn’t seriously begin until his late teens. Largely self-taught, after moving to London in 2006 Daniel embarked upon a life changing period studying with the guitarist John Russell for two years, who “provided me with one of the richest and most rewarding musical experiences of my life”.

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