Live video stream with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vladivostok. 4th of July 2014 at 12:00

On 4th of July 2014 Hundred Years Gallery will host a live video stream with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, Russia, organised by Ilya Fedorov and Nastya Krasnova of Primorsky Regional Centre of Folk Culture. Both venues will present original collages by Victoria Kovalenko.
This series of colourful cut-outs is a study on instructions titled ‘Do It Properly’.

‘Litro I’ by Victoria Kovalenko

below: Museum of Contemporary Art, Vladivostok

Live communication between Far East Russia and England devoted to UK-Russia year of Culture which will merge various art forms into one project.

Theatrical studio ‘Etude’ (based in Far East Russia) under the direction of R. Rabaeva will visualize exhibited works and give their interpretation of the concept. Participants will use the ancient artistic language of pantomime to transform retinal art into theatrical performance.

Webcast starts Friday 4th of July: 12:00 London time / 22:00 Vladivostok time

The project follows Andy Warhol’s philosophy of leftovers. It consists of images devoted to monotone everyday life routine; type of images we don’t look at. These images were initially deprived attention, but became self-sufficient after losing their functionality. They have been blown up and reproduced as colour paper hand made cut-outs.

I tell a story of objects-signs-actions from every day life. They have colourful representatives – instructions. When was the last time you looked at one? They are fun and they teach you to DIP: do it properly.

Photography came naturally: a desire to create my own reality by capturing what’s around. Digital work in progress is cheap, printing is pricy. I swapped to paper collages – bright, versatile, accessible. I believe an artist is a person who can say ‘no’ to things, narrowing down the choices. That’s how he/she creates their own style.


Victoria Kovalenko (b. Siberia, Russia) graduated in MA Photography from the Sir John Cass, LMU in 2010. Her photographs have been featured in numerous exhibitions in London and most prominently at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre and the Primorskiy State Museum im.V.K. Arseniev Vladivocstok, Russia. She currently lives and works in London.


above: ‘Lifting a box’, below: ‘Clothes dryer’ by Victoria Kovalenko




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