Mark Wastell/Burkhard Beins/Angharad Davies. Wednesday 25th November 7:30

image1Mark Wastell / Burkhard Beins / Angharad Davies

Mark Wastell and Burkhard Beins share a long association. They have performed together in a number of different ensembles, including The Sealed Knot (with Rhodri Davies), Necessaire (with Ignaz Schick & Alessandro Bosetti), Membrane (with John Butcher) and occasionally as a duo. For this concert they are joined by violinist Angharad Davies.


With PIVOT Liz Allbee and Chris Heenan aim to create a musical language that pushes the limits of repetition and memory as a generator of form, in order to challenge both the listeners’ and their own expectations of order and musical acceptability.

Using apparently simple and sometimes seemingly unpromising material, they draw out meaning through the use of ceaseless repetitive structures, overarching memory forms, incessantly recurring phrasing and odd, often playful sonic turns and combinations.

Door 7:30 | music  8pm | entry £8

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