Joshua Weitzel / Massimo Magee / Ed Lucas. Saturday 29th July 7:30pm

In his return to Hundred Years Gallery after an absence of one-and-a-half years, Joshua Weitzel will team up with Massimo Magee on saxophone and Ed Lucas on trombone. Despite having played numerous times together in Eddie Prévost’s workshop, this will be the first public performance of the trio.

Door 7:30 | music at 8pm | entry £5

Joshua Weitzel was born in Kassel, Germany in 1989. Plays guitar, shamisen and tenor banjo. Works mostly in the field of free improvisation, jazz and contemporary music. His work is work is based on deep exploration of dynamics and contrasting parameters such as stasis and progress, linear and spatial development, control and unexpectedness. He has worked with a number of internationally recognised artists, among them improvisers, composers, noise musicians, fine artists, filmmakers, dancers, poets and Jazz musicians and has performed on various occasions across Europe, Israel, Taiwan and Japan.
He organised the Chamäleon Concerts at Lolita Bar in Kassel, a monthly series for experimental music, and has performed with such musicians as Eddie Prévost, Ken Ikeda, Christian Wolff, Akiyama Tetuzi, Hayashi Eiichi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Matthias Schubert, Haco, Chie Nagai, Saito Ryota, Arimoto Rabito, Loui Lerroy Tanaka, James O`Sullivan, Liping Ting, Antoine Mermet.

Edward Lucas is an improvising tromboninst, co-runs the Earshots label and concert series with Daniel Kordik. They have a long standing trombone and synth duo: Kordik / Lucas.

Massimo Magee is a writer, artist and musician based in London. His work is wide-ranging, including fiction, text art, combined text, sound and image digital art pieces, experimental music (improvised, composed and everything in between), free jazz, obsessive and repetitive drawing pieces, radically extended saxophony, electronics, data manipulation and much more. Recent recordings include “Lazy Generalisations”, a solo release through Leerraum, “Interrogatories” duo with David W. Stockard on Kendra Steiner Editions, and “Charrette/Contrafact”, a sextet.

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