WHITEOUT Films. Saturday 7th of December from 7:00pm

WHITEOUT events kick off with an evening of White themed films

Robert Robertson: Oserake and The River That Walks  – film and music score.

‘Oserake’ is the First Nation name for the winter quarters which were set up by the river,
the origin of the city of Montreal. This music/film shows what happens to Montreal in winter, when the wilderness takes over.
Overwhelming forces try to return the modern city to the time before today’s streets and blocks existed, and phantoms invade the empty white streets.
Massive snowdrifts, huge icicles and icefalls appear. Everything is transformed beneath layers of snow, and we glimpse what was seen by those who founded the original settlement, by this great river they called ‘the river that walks’, swept with ice.
The music is scored for a large ensemble of cellos and violas.
The second half is scored for six church organs.

Nicky Scott-Francis: Obscurity

An abstract art animation with live solo flute free improvisation by Nicky Scott-Francis Heinen.

Mervyn Diese: White Mix 23

A journey aboard the MS Stubnitz


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