Concert for the Winter Solstice. Saturday 19th December 7:00pm

rockinghorsePagan psychedelic solstice celebration and jelly wall psychosis from the occult underground. Live sets by Eleventh Hour Adventists + Rockinghorse + Infernal Contraption.

Eleventh Hour Adventists: A collaboration between Jasmine Pender (Rotten Bliss), and Jowe Head (Swell Maps, The Demi-Monde).  Their voices blend together in close harmonies, and bolstered with Jasmine’s electronically treated cello and Jowe’s mandola and slide guitar.  Material includes Jasmine’s reflective, often profanely poetic imagery on one hand, and Jowe’s perverse sci-fi ode to sex-androids, and a song for Tempelhof airfield in Berlin on the other.  There is also an ancient murder ballad, and a song by blues pioneer Skip James.

Rockinghorse: The work of Rockinghorse is expressively challenging for both the participants and the audience and is enthralling to experience as a result. Sofia Figueiredo and Cos Chapman explore, test and shatter the boundaries of modern dance and abstract music respectively – it’s as if each other’s endeavours spurs the other on – and we, the audience are eager spectators – anxious to see how the spectacle culminates. Riveting from beginning to end.…

And a rare chace to experience Infernal Contraption, the psychedelic theremin-driven supergroup starring Catherine Gerbrands, Lee McFadden, Jowe Head, Cos Chapman and Ravi Low-Beer 

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Door 7:00 | music 8pm | entry £5 donation

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