A New Wave of Jazz : 2 days at Hundred Years Gallery. Friday 7th and Saturday 8th February 19:30

Belgium’s A New Wave of Jazz label – curated by Dirk Serries – has always connected with the current free improvisers from the UK. The label catalogue output proves it. Their style of interacting and creating is so uniquely in tune with Dirk’s vision and what the label stands for. This, and his fondness for Hundred Years Gallery has motivated him to organise his 2nd label festival in the heart of London’s free improvised music scene.

The festival is a 2-night event on Friday February 7th and Saturday February 8th 2020.
The two nights have their own musical character; Friday evening consists of only duo performances while Saturday night is reserved for trio combinations.


Alan Wilkinson (baritone saxophone & bass clarinet) & Dirk Serries (acoustic guitar)

Andrew Lisle (drums) & Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet)

Tom Jackson (clarinet) & Matthew Grigg (electric guitar)


Graham Dunning (turntable, amplified surface and objects) / Benedict Taylor (viola) / Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar)

Colin Webster (baritone saxophone) / Lara Jones (soprano saxophone) / Martin Clarke ( alto saxophone)

Hannah Marshall (‘cello) / Dirk Serries (acoustic guitar) / Otto Willberg (double bass)

Doors: 7.30pm | Tickets: £7 per concert, or £10 for the weekend

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