>?. between, if-a23, searching, skating, intervals?< aharon (?). March 11th to 19th

intervals searching from beats along the a23(alt name based on Range/Wave/Set imagination)
>?. between, A23, searching, skating, intervals, Brighton, Hundred Years Gallery .?<

Skateboarding as searching? Searching as imagining? Imagining as Art? Art as intervals? Intervals as stops? Stops as moving? Moving as paving? Paving as computing? Computing as skateboarding? Skateboarding as surfing? Surfing as waves? Waves as senses? Senses as questions?

Starting March 11th 2015 we’ll begin a new practice by skateboarding from Brighton to Hundred Years Gallery. The instance of the practice will transform into a pop up digital gallery, probably on the 19th of March, 2015, at the Hundred Years Gallery.
(The probability depends on weather, health, and the fact we are searching from not researching to – hence future is, err, at the present – unknown..)

During the practice, the artist(?), skateboarder(?), Aharon(?), will explore the A23 through skateboarding from Brighton to Hundred Years Gallery. Aharon will stop in train stations, bus stops, other stops along(ish) the A23; and provide a few minutes sessions of skateboarding. These sessions will be filmed by the public – ie people at the scene. These filmed clips will be collected, brought to Hundred Years Gallery, and exhibited in the physical space on a local digital pop-up gallery.


Skateboard Rider 01   Skateboard Rider 02   Skateboard Rider 03

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