Exhibition: The Happening. 19th of March 2015


What is a shadow without light?
Does the facade exist without a body?
Do paintings come alive with a persona?
How do we interact with art? What’s on our mind?
Who are we when we are seen? What character do we portray in our lives?…

Seven questions, seven artists and one show.

Adam Shahrum   Chi Cheng   Dohny DongJun Lee   Heyon Cho   Ivy Chan   Li Wei Lim    Linda Da Silva Coiradas

The Happening showcases the works of seven artists from Chelsea College of Arts and Design. This exhibition examines the participation of the audience in many levels at the same time displaying a cross of a variety of disciplines and themes.
This one day exhibition consists of a participatory work exploring the boundaries between artist and viewer, a shadow play, an exploration of paintings, drawings and installations and not missing out the idea of a body and what forms they carry in themselves.
The artists come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines speaking out in a language they know how, asking vital questions that has been lingering in their minds and performing actions that create dialogues between the viewer and their art.

Image above: ‘Introducing Rhombohedron Into 5x5x2’ by Ivy Chan

Dohny DongJun Lee  'Work in progress'       Heyon Cho  'Work in progress'       Heyon Cho  'Work in progress'

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