About Helen Bermingham

Helen Bermingham (b. Ireland 1983) is a London based artist working in painting, collage and drawing. She completed a degree in Art History and Theatre at Trinity College Dublin and a postgraduate from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe including with Geddes Gallery, Angus-Hughes Gallery, Zeitgeist Arts Projects and Universitat der Kunste Berlin and was recently part of Multiple Choices at Simmons & Simmons. She was part of the ALAS artists residency with Matt Roberts Arts and was longlisted for Anthology 2015 at Charlie Smith London. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Helen Bermingham’s practice explores ideas of memory, interruption and displacement. Using imagery found in old family photographs, figures are lifted from their original setting and isolated from their original context. The figures in her work are recreated; concealed, covered, fading in and out of memory. Through this appropriation, new narratives are created or suggested with a sense of the uncanny; familiar yet strange at the same time.

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