About Jaime Valtierra

Jaime Valtierra (b. Spain, 1979) is an independent artist and curator based in the UK. He studied painting and printmaking at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (1995-2000), and completed a National Diploma in Illustration and Graphic Design at the ESDIP in the same city in 2001. In 2005 he gained a Masters Diploma (Postgraduate) at the Royal Drawing School, London.

Recent Projects and Exhibitions include: ‘Dark’. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 2016 / ‘Roundabout LX’ Arts Residency. Lisbon. 2015 / ‘Interfaces’. Barbican Arts Centre. London. 2015 / ‘The Idiot. Recent Paintings and Drawings’ (Solo). Hundred Years Gallery. London. 2015 / Mnemonic City. Biagiotti Progetto di Arte. Florence. 2014 / Hackney Wicked Arts Festival. Barbican Fish Island Labs. London. 2014 / Ciudad Memoria’. Espacio Islandia. Madrid.

His paintings and works on paper are an intuitive and emotional response to the world around him. They explore a personal and imaginative vision of the self and its relation to place and to others. In his work he is concerned with the analysis of essential human desires and their articulation as form/content within the ‘picture space’.

Jaime’s interest lies too in the exploration of conversations between practices and the crossover of traditional disciplines and new media. This aspect of his art practice focuses on the integration of disparate art forms leading towards more theatrical or performative works.

‘Ghost Sermon’ is an experimental text by MV de Chantilli originally interpreted on Resonance FM in 2015. The current selection for HYG Editions presents an accompanying set of eleven prints by the artist in response to the piece.


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