“Amazon 131” by Paul Shearsmith and “Action & Desecration” by M. Gallego. From 16th of November to 16th of December.

“Amazon 131″. Over time, Paul Shearsmith (architect, musician, photographer) has come to see his Volvo Amazon 131 as a piece of ongoing sculpture. He bought it in 1989 with the intention of ‘Doing it up’. After several knocks (none of which were his fault) and insurance right offs, he decided to do just enough to keep it on the road. So this is the state of the car now. His first idea was to make a full size model in the manner of a paper cut out toy, which due to size restrictions was not feasible. He still wanted a full size representation of the car so he had one side of it photographed and mounted onto four rigid panels. These were then laser-cut so as to fit together like a large simple jigsaw.

KMAT performing 'Amazon 131' soundtrack live at Hundred Years Gallery:  http://www.z360.com/panos/volvo/Volvo100.html

He completed the story of Amazon 131 by taking detail and site specific photographs as if in a photo album and having a soundtrack added. Paul Shearsmith. London, November 2012 “Hopefully it will end its days on bricks in a field with wildlife living in and on it. – Perhaps a future show”.

KMAT performing “Amazon 131″ soundtrack live at Hundred Years Gallery:


• Full size photo by Douglas Cape.

• Recording of the car made by Ian Dean.

• Drumming by Nick Cash.


In 1972 he left Leeds school of Architecture and Came to London. Through John Stevens, Trevor Watts and improvisation he began to play the trumpet. Playing at the Little Theatre Club, various upstairs rooms in pubs around London and The London Musicians Collective in Camden. In 1983, he returned from Bali with a musical instrument played by the children there, consisting of a 35mm film canister, a rubber balloon skin reed and a length of plastic tube with finger holes in it. Back in London on meeting the sound sculptors Echo City, the baliphone was developed. He then entered the world of sound installations. Touring the USA, Canada, Singapore and Europe. Installing permanent sound sculptures in Winnipeg Canada, Perth Scotland, Bruges Belgium and several sites in England.

He is now involved with several other groups including The Fujii, KMat, APE, The Jerico Orchestra, Ya Basta and The Lad from Tad and the Train Crash Shakers.

Throughout all this time he has been a restrained photographer using a camera when he thought necessary.


“Action & Desecration”. Artist M. Gallego donates this show to Hundred Years Gallery for fundraising purposes. All the pieces will be offered at very low prices, from £20 to £100, and the money collected will be entirely used to support the maintenance of the gallery programme.

The series here presented is a selection of four years work, mostly multi-compositions of acrylics, drawings and writings on recycled flyers collected from many galleries in London, were the artist superimposes her own emotions over the promotional images used on the flyers. This allows her to desecrate the work of established artists and galleries while opening another door for re-creation from the viewer’s perspective.



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